CM Uddhav wants Central Govt to start Mumbai Locals

Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray wants the Central Government to resume Mumbai locals for staff providing essential services. Mumbai locals are central to long distance commute for Mumbaikars because of the topography of the city. Unlike other cities, Mumbai has a width of just 8 kms at the southern part of the city, may be even lesser. This has resulted in the city growing lengthwise and heavy dependence on Local Train Services. Mumbai has already started limited services of the city’s bus service called BEST but is yet to resume Metro services.

Mumbai local facts

  • Mumbai local carry about 80 lakh people a day
  • There are nearly 2500 train services that carry these people
  • Each Train can carry about 3500 people but reality is, the numbers are likely to be much higher during office peak hours

So if and when local services begin, they will have to be operated very carefully as there is ZERO possibility of any social distancing if they are operated like before Corona. This is perhaps one reason why the Centre does not want to the take the risk at the moment.

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