Corona: Are AP and UP Losing Control?

AP and UP are losing Control of Corona. Two states that were doing well until recently have suddenly started to deteriorate.

Andhra: In the last 10 days, Andhra added 3079 Cases or 63% more cases than before. A huge spike

Uttar Pradesh: In the last 10 days, UP added 5259 Cases or 46% more cases than before. A big spike

While these two States still make up for only 6% of the increase, these States were much lower before.

Not Just Cases, UP lost 206 people during this time, an increase of 68%

As of now these numbers are not HUGE but the direction does not bode well. UP lost 5.8% of completed cases in the last 10 days. Which means UP is likely to cross the 1000 deaths mark in about 3 weeks

AP and UP Losing Control?

In Andhra, such escalation of cases will prevent businesses from returning to normal.

Both States need to be double careful now or it will hurt their economies quite badly.

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