COVID-19: NDA State Governments performed better than others

On death rate, we find NDA Governments (only states with > 10 million population were considered) performed better than other parties.

NDA has many top performing States but Top 2 are UPA ruled

Amongst the top 10 States with the lowest death rate, NDA had 6 State Governments, UPA-2 and Other Parties – 2. The best performing State was Chhattisgarh. It hasn’t reported a single death while 2nd place Jharkhand reported just 4 deaths, Bihar was marginally behind Jharkhand. The best BJP ruled state on COVID was Assam which overall was 4th behind NDA ruled Bihar.

Regional and Small Party Ruled States more likely to be in Bottom-10

Amongst the bottom 11 States with the highest death rate, NDA had 4 State Governments, UPA-3 (Including MVA) and Other Parties – 4. The worst performing State was Delhi which reported 1 death per 58291 people, Maharashtra reported 1 death per 66298 people and Gujarat Reported 1 death per 68063 people.

The overall pattern is quite clear, amongst the richest 6 States, 3 are in the bottom group (Delhi, Telangana) while 4 are in the top group (Kerala, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Haryana). Amongst the bottom 6 States, 5 are in the top group, only MP is in the bottom group.

There may be much more than Governance coming into play but there is no doubt that better Governance will save more lives than poor Governance. Regional parties should realise that.

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