Crash! Donald Trump’s Polling Numbers Keep Sinking!

Meanwhile in America it appears swing voters are not buying into Trump-mania anymore, Poll after Poll is showing Donald Trump Sinking against Joe Biden a candidate perceived as very weak by most Experts.

The Latest Economist YouGov Poll shows Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump by 8 points. This is because Joe Biden is gaining undecided independent voters

  • On May 25th, Trump was ahead of Biden by 7 points
  • By June 8th, it was reversed with Biden ahead by 3 points

So in less than 2 weeks, Biden gained 7 points while Trump lost 3 points Not just this poll, every poll shows Donald Trump trailing significantly

The Right wing Pollster Rasmussen shows President Trump’s approval ratings at a two year low. When Obama was running for re-election in 2012, he was 4 points higher at this point in time.

Fox News, a pro-Trump news channel released battleground polls which shows Trump trailing in all of them

  • Joe Biden was ahead by 45-43% in Ohio, a state that Trump carried by eight points four years ago
  • In Arizona, a state which Trump won by four points in 2016, Biden is ahead by four points, 46% to 42%
  • Trump won a narrow upset victory in Wisconsin four years ago, but Fox found Biden with a 49-40% lead.

The main issue is not the economy where Trump seems to be doing well. Trump is doing poorly on handling of COVID as well as being seriously criticised on handling race issues. How these issues will hold up 5 months from now is difficult to tell and so it is fair to say President Trump is still in the game!

Pic Source: 2015 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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