Dadaji Dagadu Bhuse, MLA, Malegoan (Outer) : Achievements

Dadaji Dagadu Bhuse

Member of Legislative Assembly

Malegaon (Outer) (Nashik), Maharashtra

Shiv Sena


Dadaji Bhuse visited the flood-ravaged Dhule district, and instructed the concerned authorities to remain present at the district headquarters so as to monitor the situation.

Following intense rain spells in Dhule, the Akkalpada dam is overflowing, and the excess water from the dam has been released at the speed of 28,000 cusec/second into the Panjhra river.


Instriucted filing of reports immeditaley on receving compliants of flooding.  Therefore, 3,000 cubicmeter of water is being released from Akkalpada project.


Prepartion to take immediate decision regarding the demands of the 4,000 vagitated village wokrers workers. 


Efforts made to double the capacity of Taḷavāḍē Storage Lake.  Work of the expansion started in 2017 and at the completion this will help increase water storage supplies to meet drought conditions. 

Other development projects (MIDC) in Ravalagava to provide employment to the youth in the region.

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