Corona Grapples Tamil Nadu: Deaths Doubled in 11 Days

The situation in Tamil Nadu remains grim as certain projections highlight that the state could witness a huge surge in the number of cases by the first week of July. According to the Dr MGR Medical University,

If the growth rate continues, Chennai may have around 1.5 Lakh cases by July first week. The university’s findings suggest that the number of cases in Chennai will peak around mid-October. If the findings of the study holds true, Tamil Nadu may witness 5-fold increase in deaths in the next 4-5 weeks

Dr G Srinivas, professor and head of the department of epidemiology at Dr MGR Medical University was however hopeful regarding the Government’s ability to contain the spread of the virus and ensure proper treatment.

As India moves forward towards exiting the world’s strictest lockdown, there has not been any decline in the number of cases yet. The situation of Tamil Nadu is even worse. The state added over 17,000 cases in last 19 days. Further, the death rate is doubling in Tamil Nadu and Delhi at an extremely fast pace. Delhi doubled its death count in just eight days, and Tamil Nadu doubled its death count in eleven days. With such increase in number and doubling of death rate, returning to normal life in Tamil Nadu will not be easy. Even after June, Tamil Nadu instead of relaxing lockdown should enforce a strict lockdown for nothing less than 14 to 21 days

India’s main concern has been only few states but the states are located in every direction. In north, Delhi is leading the tally, while in west it is Maharashtra. Towards south it is Tamil Nadu where the situation has turned from bad to worse within few days.

Worldwide, United States tops the list, and is at #1 spot on the list of the worst affected coronavirus countries with over 1,965,708 cases. Second to US are Brazil and Russia, with over 646,006 and 449,839 cases respectively. It was not long ago when India overtook China in the number of coronavirus cases, and yesterday it took over Italy.

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