French Election 2022 Polls: Macron Poised to win again with 55-57% of the vote

French Election 2022 Polls: Macron poised to win by 12-15% margin, substantially lower than 2017 when he won by a margin of 32%

5 Polls and Google Search, 23rd APRIL

Surveys, Google Search data and Social media sentiments all predict a victory for Macron. The margin is likely to fall substantially when compared with 2017. Read on (English and French Content)

Hot in the Campaign: Les 6 moments à retenir en vidéo du débat Macron – Le Pen (Présidentielle)

French Election 2022 Latest Polls

Emmanuel MacronMarine Le Pen
Average Of Polls22nd April56%
Crowdwisdom36024th April57%43%
Cluster1722nd April56%44%
Elabe22nd April55.5%44.5%
Harris-Interactive22nd April55%45%
Ipsos Sopra Steria22nd April57%43%
Opinion Way8th April57%43%
Normalised Round 1 Vote10th April55%45%
Normalised Round 1 Polls Average10th April53%47%
2017 Election7th May66%34%
Emmanuel MacronMarine Le Pen
Last 24 Hours57%
Last 30 Days57%43%
9th April 202257%43%
Vote Share 201766%34%
6th May 201768%32%

French Election 2022: Betting Odds

Emmanuel MacronMarine Le PenPredicted Winner
Smarkets95.24%5.56%Emmanuel Macron
Oddschecker1/2014/1Emmanuel Macron

French Election 2022: Social Media Net Sentiment, 7 Days

MacronLe Pen
23rd April-31%-27%
6th April-17%-18%

French Election 2022 Polls: Latest Videos

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French Presidential Election 2022: Latest News-French Press

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  8. Le seul débrief du débat Macron vs Le Pen qu’il vous faut

French Presidential Election 2022: Latest Tweets

French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: What Happened in the Last Election?

The last French Presidential election was held in 2017. A total of 61 candidates declared their candidature however only 18 candidates were able to receive 500 valid signatures. The first round of elections was held on 23rd April. None of the candidates secured the required majority. Emmanuel Macron of En Marche! (EM) and Marine Le Pen of the National Front (FN) received the most votes and a run-up election was held on 7th May 2017.

In 2nd round, Emmanuel Macron registered a decisive victory over Marin Le Pen. He received 66.10% of votes while Marin Le Pen got only 33.90%.

French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: Candidates in Race to Replace Emmanuel Macron

As of November 2021, 28 candidates have shown their interest in running for the upcoming French Presidential election. Among the 28 candidates, a few important ones are:

Marine Le Pen – Rassemblement National

The far-right leader, Marine Le Pen was Macron’s main rival in the last election. This year too she is seen as the main rival to incumbent President Emmanuel Macron. After facing a landslide loss in 2017, she has moderated her image, rebranding and renaming her political party from National Front to National Rally, expelling extremist members of her party, including her father Jean-Marie who was president of the party from 1972 to 2011. He also ran for president and reached the second round in 2002.

Her main focus to drive the French voters has been the issue of immigration, globalisation and national security, while being largely supportive of abortion and same-sex relationships.

Marine Le Pen takes aim at France's 'Talibanised' zones | Financial Times

Eric ZemmourReconquête

Eric Zemmour has emerged as a potential threat to the right-wing leader Marine Le Pen. Eric Zemmour is a columnist, television pundit and author. He announced his candidacy for president on 5th December 2021 and created his own party known as Reconquête (Reconquest).

He has openly blamed immigration, and the “Islamisation” and “feminization” of society for the decline of France. He supports lower taxes, leaving NATO and reducing immigration to France to zero.

French far right's new face: the meteoric rise of Éric Zemmour | France |  The Guardian

Jean-Luc Mélenchon – La France Insoumise

The left wing leader Jean-Luc Melenchon was able to win 20% of the votes in last French Presidential election. This time he has thrown weight behind reducing wealth inequality in France and expanding the power of labour and labour unions to help him secure the Presidential office. He has however struggled to gain traction this election as his popularity has waned and he polls in low double digits, usually in 5th position.

French Presidential Election 2022 Polls: Valérie Pécresse Stalls for 2 weeks, Macron makes small gains

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