Good News: Coronavirus Leaving Europe but what about India?

Soon after Coronavirus outbreak in China in the month of February, many European cities started reporting cases. By the time people could realise the severity of the Virus, major European countries were already under the grip of Coronavirus. China where virus originated started to settle at around 80K cases but the European countries like Spain, Italy and France within span of few days reported more number of Coronavirus positive cases and deaths due to Coronavirus.

After February 16th, Coronavirus cases in China started slowing down. China was able to bend the curve successfully. At present, China has reported around 83,000 positive cases of Coronavirus with over 78,000 recoveries and over 4500 deaths. However, there is a doubt on the number of cases reported by the Chinese government. Since March 1st the average daily reported cases in China has been less than 100. However, soon after the outbreak of Coronavirus, Spain became the became the major hotspot of Coronavirus in Europe followed by Italy and France.

In the month of March and by Mid-April both Italy and France saw a major spike in COVID-19 numbers. In the span of just 60 days, over 25,000 people lost their lives in Spain. Italy saw even worst where the casualty of COVID-19 exceeded 32000 mark. Even in France the deaths due to Coronavirus reached above 28000. However, though there has been vaccine developed, these European countries have been able to control outbreak brilliantly after initial hiccups.

In last 10-15 days the average reported COVID-19 cases in France has been around 500 or less down from initial daily average count of over 2000. On 25th May, France reported only 358 cases with 65 death. Spain too has been able to control the Coronavirus positive number in last 10-15 days. On 23rd May Spain reported only 482 cases. Italy too has been able to control the Coronavirus cases in last 10-15 days. There average daily count in the country has been less than 500 in last 10-15 days. Surprisingly, all the major Coronavirus hotspot in Europe have seen major decline Coronavirus numbers in the month of May.

The European countries after being under over 2 months of Lockdown is gradually returning to life. The efforts of Government, the health care workers and the common citizen to fight the pandemic is gradually paying off. Though the fight is yet not over, these countries are gradually easing the lockdown and restarting the daily businesses. Coronavirus, therefore, seems to be leaving Europe. In contrast, India which had been doing extremely well initially is seen a massive rise in the number of Coronavirus positive cases. At the time when Eurpean countries have been able to bend the graph, the Indian Coronavirus graph is simply rising upward. In last few days, the average number of daily reported cases has been over 5000.

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