Google: BJP-Congress neck and neck in MP, Raj, not so in Gujarat

Gap between BJP and Congress has fallen significantly in both MP and Rajasthan versus 2014 but not so in Gujarat (Google Trends)




Contrary to expectations, the gap between BJP and Congress has not icnreased significantly after the Assembly election. Even the counter attacks in Balakot seem to have limited attack. Whether this sustains till election day is unclear.


Madhya Pradesh


In MP, the situation is even dire for the BJP because the gap of 35 points has become zero. If this sustains, MP might surprise BJP much more than even Rajasthan




While Congress has strengthened, so has BJP. If this sustains, an almost similar result as 2014 can be expected again in Gujarat.


The wide variation in performance between Gujarat and the other two States indicates troubling signals for the BJP. Whether this will sustain or not, time will tell. But there is a lot of hard required for the BJP to come close to 2014 election results.


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