Google: Modi gets a big bounce in Bengal today but BJP doesn’t

Google has proven to be a reliable tool to track trends in most elections since 2017.

In Bengal, CM Mamata has been struggling to win back voters after the COVID-19 Debacle. So she decided to put extra effort to manage Amphan cyclone relief. By the time the Cyclone made landfall, Mamata was at the control room for nearly a day monitoring the cyclone and preparations for it. When we looked at Google Search, Searches for Mamata went up massively on 20th-21st of May, overall she seems to have gained 7 points from her handling of the Cyclone indicating a Good job done so far.

The Tables turned today. The PM started the day at 19 and closed the day at 51, huge 32 points jump. The PM’s visit has attracted a lot of attention amongst Citizens in Bengal and that has pushed search volumes massively for the PM. The PM is very popular in Bengal and that also explains why the BJP performed so well in Bengal last year.

The problem for BJP is the same they have in all State elections. Modi is a huge brand but the local party units struggle to convert the brand into votes. Mamata was marginally ahead of the BJP (Last one week) until Amphan hit Bengal. But her handling of the Cyclone (on Live TV) has helped her move significantly ahead of BJP. BJP cannot win by making 2021 about Mamata, unless they have someone who can stand head to head against her.

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