How BSP Kept Congress Away from Power in Haryana?

BJP’s Manohar Lal Khattar returned to power once again in Haryana. However, this time his government is based upon the coalition formed between BJP and Dushyant Chautala’s JJP. Six months back, BJP swept the state of Haryana in Lok Sabha election. The party secured over 58 percent vote share in the state in Lok Sabha polls. Within six months’ time vote share of BJP fell by massive 22 percent in Haryana Assembly polls. To add to its misery, BJP fell 6 seats short of majority in the state.

In 2014 Assembly Election, BJP had won 47 seats, and after the Lok Sabha 2019 result BJP coined a slogan of “Abki Baar 75 Paar” for the state of Haryana. However, after the assembly result BJP was nowhere closer to its expectation. Congress on other hand secured around 28 percent vote share and won 33 assembly seats, just 7 seats behind BJP. After the Lok Sabha result, BJP was ahead in 79 assembly segments, however the assembly result was enough to prove that Assembly elections are fought on local issues. BJP hoped to gain in state on the national issue of Article 370 and Triple Talaq, and it failed completely. The newbie JJP which was ahead in one Assembly segment during Lok Sabha polls surprised all by winning 10 Assembly seats.

The Assembly election result though it boosted the morale of Congress in the state, it also taught a lesson to party. Lesson to take its partner along with it. Mayawati’s BSP has always maintained a soft corner for Indian National Congress. The party had offered support to Congress government in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. In Haryana, BSP proved to spoiler for Congress. In around 10 Assembly seats BSP was successful in aiding in victory of BJP and thereby keeping Congress away from Power in the state.

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An analysis on how BSP kept Congress away from Power in Haryana

Kaithal has been one of the traditional seats for Indian National Congress in the state. Congress had won 7 times here. Since 2009, Randeep Singh Surjewala, Congress’ heavyweight had been MLA, however in 2019 Assembly election he lost to BJP’s Leela Ram by a margin of 1500 votes. BSP on the other hand got around 2200 votes and thus taking away victory from the hands of Indian National Congress.

In Thaneswar, Congress’ Ashok Kumar Arora polled 54614 votes while the winner BJP’s Subhash Sudha polled 55612 votes and won by a margin of 998 votes. BSP’s Naveen Kumar got more than 1500 votes.

Ratia, which is a reserved seat, BJP managed to win it by a margin of around 1200 votes. Congress’ Jamail Singh got 53833 votes. BSP here secured 1241 votes thereby adding one more loss to kitty of Congress.

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In Hathin, BJP had never won this seat. In 2014, INDL’s Kehar Singh won the seat by securing 44703 votes. BJP’s Pravin Dagar delivered the seat to party this time by winning over INC’s Mohammad Israil by a narrow margin of 2887 votes. In the same constituency BSP’s Tayub Husain Alias Nazir Ahmed polled around 35200 votes.

BJP’s Seema Trikha had won Bhadkal Consituency in 2014 by defeating INC’s Mahendra Pratap Singh by a margin of over 35000 votes. In 2019, story was completely different. Seema Trikha secured 58537 votes in this constituency while Vijay Pratap Singh of Congress got 56000 votes. The margin of victory was around 2500 votes. In the same constituency BSP secured 4400 votes.

BSP dented the chance of Congress in around 10 Assembly seats. However, it was upto the leadership of Congress to maintain a healthy relation with it friends. The result of the election sent a sense of panic in the hearts of both BJP and Congress’ leadership.


Haryana Assembly result gave a new partner to BJP in state. Dushyant Chautala’s JJP became the biggest winner in the state. On the other hand the results proved to Bhupendra Singh Hooda was still the face of Congress in Jatland. However, the result also showed how smaller parties can change the outcome of election when it comes to state level.

Nishant Varma @varnishant

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