In Fight against Mamata Banerjee, Is Centre Ignoring Gujarat?

The centre has been extremely verbal about their disdain caused due to West Bengal’s alleged laid-back attitude towards the national coronavirus crisis. A series of reprimands from the central authorities directed towards the West Bengal government is making headlines all over the news. The centre has been calling out Mamta Banerjee’s Government for covering up the statistics and misleading the central government.

However, it appears as if the government is not focusing on the top two contributors of coronavirus cases in the nation, which include Maharashtra and Gujarat. The mortality rate in these states is higher than that of  West Bengal. Even the number of tests conducted per million is also lower than most states.

Despite the statistics, there has not been much noise in the media about these states not conducting enough tests, or having a high mortality rate. The media has turned a blind eye towards these facts, and it is evident from their selective ignorance.

Political clash between the central government and Mamta Banerjee’s government can be held responsible for the misrepresentation. Even if facts are compelling enough to make us believe in a possible cover up performed by the West Bengal Government, it is unjust to blame a particular state entirely and neglecting other states due to personal agendas and motifs. Both states should be equally blamed for not conducting enough tests.

Mamta Banerjee has been bashed by the central government on multiple accounts in the past few weeks or her mis managed style of ruling, but the soaring high cases in Gujarat haven’t been questioned by the press, rather the blame has been conveniently been put on civilians for not adhering to the guidelines. It cannot be ignored that Gujarat was the second most affected state by the coronavirus up till 14th of May. Political cards are being played and may be media representation is influenced, biased and ignorant.

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