India after sixth phase of voting : Predictions

The month-long Lok Sabha election is finally nearing its end. On Sunday, voting in 59 Lok Sabha seats completed polling of 483 seats of 543 seats. Voting for the seventh phase will be held on May 19 in 59 seats across eight states. This includes 9 seats in West Bengal, 13 seats in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, 4 in Himachal, 3 in Jharkhand and 1 in Chhattisgarh.  After the 6th phase of voting the fate of many political parties are almost sealed and as a whole the future of India is already sealed in the EVM machines. Polling was held in seven seats of Delhi, 10 seats of Haryana, 14 seats of Uttar Pradesh and eight seats each of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. Let us analyse the party position after sixth phase of voting.


On Sunday, voting for all the seven seats of Delhi was held. In 2014, BJP had won all the seven seats but this time the fight for the seven seats in Delhi has turned out to interesting. All the seven seats saw three corner fight between BJP, AAP and the Congress.

The voting percent in Delhi was recorded around 60.5% down by 4.5% to that of 2014 voting of 65.23%. Various post poll predictions have been doing round. We try to bring you few tweets of those predictions which have been retweeted most. We do not endorse the tweet.


Haryana recorded about 69.5% of voter turnout which is about a 2% lesser than 2014 poll percentage of 71.86. The 10 seats of Haryana becomes very much important from BJP’s point of view. In 2014, the party had won seven seats and this time it is expecting to have a clean sweep in Haryana by riding on combined waves of Modi and CM ML Khattar. Now let us analyse the predictions of various twitter handles:


Uttar Pradesh holds extreme importance when it comes to deciding the ruler of Delhi Sultanate. On Sunday, 14 seats of Uttar Pradesh went into polls and the political future of about 177 candidates was sealed in the EVM machines. The total voting percentage for this phase stood at 54.54% which was almost same to that of 2014 voting percentage. Former UP CM Akhilesh Yadav, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi, Rita Bahuguna Joshi are some of the prominent leaders whose fate to Lok Sabha has been sealed in this phase. Let us now analyse some of the twitter predictions that holds importance:


Bihar is a state where BJP is contesting on seats lesser than what it has won in Lok Sabha 2014. On Sunday, eight seats of Bihar went in for polling. The total voting percentage stood at 59.29%. Let us analyse the various predictions on twitter with respect to 6th phase voting in Bihar:


West Bengal is one of the most important state as per BJP’s look east policy. For the first time BJP feels that it has made inroads in Bengal and will be able to add couple of Lok Sabha seats to its kitty. Though marked by several cases of violence the state recorded 80.16% of voting in the eight seats that went into voting in 6th phase. What the state holds for BJP, let us analyse the several twitter predictions:


In 2018 assembly election, BJP which was at helm of power in Madhya Pradesh for 15 years lost its power by a narrow margin to Congress. Since there speculations are high that BJP may be losing ground in Madhya Pradesh. On Sunday 8 Lok Sabha seats of Madhya Pradesh went in for voting and by the end of the day almost 60% voting was recorded. Several predictions regarding Madhya Pradesh poll started making round in Twitter. We will analyse few of such predictions:


In Crowd’s prediction, BJP seems to be winning 242 seats while Congress stands at 100 seats. It is clear that BJP may not be able to repeat it’s 2014 performance and may need smaller allies in order to form government. It must also be noted that in last month data of Crowd, BJP number have slid to 228.


After analysing several predictions on twitter, it is clear that BJP seems to be gaining some seats however it may not be able to repeat it’s 2014 tally. We are one more phase away from conclusion of voting for 17th Lok Sabha, however the political temperature has already soared very high. Result on 23rd May will decide the future of many political parties as well as the leaders. Some may go on to become kings and queen of “BHARAT” and some may be lost in the caves of political darkness.

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AUTHOR: Nitesh Singh

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