India Overtakes Iran: Is Country Heading towards Disaster?

India has landed itself at the tenth position, in the list of countries worst hit by the pandemic, by overtaking Iran. The country has been seeing record high spikes in new cases every day. India has been witnessing more than 6500 cases a day. The top four states to contribute the most to the overall cases in India are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, and Gujarat. These states account for 67% of the coronavirus cases in the country.

Bengal is at risk for overtaking other states and becoming the worst affected coronavirus state in India, as cyclone Amphan wreaked havoc in the state recently. The numbers of cases spiked in the state recently, and it is a matter of concern how the state will handle two catastrophes and emerge out of it.

Sikkim, which had been the only state to not have reported a single case up till now also added a new case to the country on Saturday. The state showed brilliant protective measures and took necessary precautions from late January this year. It had successfully managed to keep the state free from the clutches of coronavirus.

Despite the surge in the coronavirus cases, India has also seen a spike in the recovery rate percentage. A few states including Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram have witnessed 100% recover rate as all patients have recovered from the disease. Dadar and Nagar Havel has also emerged successful in controlling the spread of coronavirus.

Almost 5.4 million people have been infected globally. Major containment efforts are being made to control the spread of the coronavirus. Internationally, South America has been declared the new ‘epicenter’ of coronavirus, with Brazil being the worst affected country World-wide. European countries, such as Spain have now started to partially lift the lockdown as the number of cases in the countries has been seemingly under control.

The United States too is keen on lifting the lockdown as the economy has faced a major hit, and the number of jobless people in the country have surpassed the total number of jobless people during the great depression of the 1930s. Unemployment seems to have been a major problem in the country, and a major side effect of the pandemic.

India has lifted the lockdown in most of the places. Both railways and flights are gradually resuming. It is expected that in coming days, we may see a greater spike in rate of Coronavirus positive cases

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