Is Jyotiraditya Scindia returning to the Congress party?

A strange change in Scindia’s Twitter profile created a buzz yesterday. He apparently had removed BJP from his profile on Twitter (This was not confirmed)

Does this mean he is returning to the Congress party?

No, this is primarily a bargaining tactic with CM Shivraj Chouhan. He wants more Ministerial berths for his loyalists than Shivraj is willing to give at the moment. With by polls expected in the next few weeks, Scindia sees it as the best time to negotiate with the BJP. The fact is even if he is unhappy with BJP, he will not leave the BJP unless he has a good option on the other side. That is difficult at the moment

He is unlikely to switch back to the Congress so soon after causing so much damage as his credibility will be seriously hurt. Further, Given the current state of the Congress party and Scindia’s own limited strength in his region (He lost the Lok Sabha Seat), he is better off staying in the BJP. Lastly, The Congress party itself is unlikely to take him back without some cooling off period

However, BJP should not take his threat lightly as his absence from the campaign could hurt BJP in a few seats. It is likely they will find a solution soon.

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