Justin Trudeau Approval Rating 2023

Justin Trudeau has been Prime Minister for more than 7 years now. The Liberals have now been in power in Canada for 20 of the last 30 years. The Liberals won the 2015 election with nearly 40% share, this fell to 33% in 2019 and 32.6% in the 2021 Canada Federal Election.

Separately, the Liberal party has continued to struggle in the provinces with ordinary results in both Quebec (-10%) and Ontario (+4.3%). The NDP on the other hand has struggled in the Federal elections but continues to be a powerful party in the provinces and likely to pose a threat to the Liberals at the Federal level sooner than later.

The Conservatives have been struggling with leadership issues after Stephen Harper though Pierre Poilievre appears to have given the Tories a bump and now poses a clear threat to Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating: Observations & Insights

Mainstreet Canada Latest (Nov 8th)

  • Approve: 35%
  • Disapprove: 63%

Justin Trudeau’s approval rating continues to decline and now only 35% of Canadians approve of the working of Justin Trudeau. Over 63% of Canadians want a change in government.

The polling took place in the backdrop of Israel-Hamas conflict and the ongoing diplomatic tussle between India and Canada on the allegation of Indian government behind the killing of a Sikh leader of the Khalistani movement near Vancouver. This was also in the aftermath of the Liberals announcing new housing policies.

The polls of November found 23% of voters ready to vote for Trudeau while 37% ready to vote for Poilievre if votes were held on an immediate basis.

Latest Surveys on Justin Trudeau

ABACUS Survey on Prime Minster Trudeau’s Government

A recent nationwide survey conducted by Abacus Data has revealed that a majority of Canadians, including former Liberal supporters, believe that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should step down rather than lead his party in the upcoming federal election.

56% of respondents expressed the opinion that Trudeau “should step down” if asked about his potential candidacy for the next election. 27% believed Trudeau should remain in office, while 17 percent were uncertain about their stance.

Among those who have self-identified as voted for Liberal party in last elections of 2021, 28 percent agreed that it was time for Trudeau to step aside and 20% remained unsure about him while 52% felt that he should still continue in office.

Leger Survey

  • Leger shows that 47% of Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck where the majority are aged between 35-54 followed by those in the age group 18-35.

Angus Reid Poll

  • Angus Reid poll 78% of Canadians polled suggest parents should be informed by schools if their child wants to change their name or pronoun while 14% feel parents should have no role, and 8% remain unsure.

Nanos Research Poll on Growing Inflation

  • The latest survey conducted by Nanos Research found that 30% Canadians blamed government spending, 22% held businesses responsible, and only 10% blamed Bank of Canada for rising inflation in Canada.

Leger Survey Of Canada Housing Crisis

  • Leger carried out a survey about the rising cost of housing and 40% of respondents blamed the federal government, 32% blamed the provincial government, 22% were unsure and 6% blamed their municipal government.

These findings underscore the diverse range of perspectives on the matter and the varying degrees of responsibility assigned to different levels of government.

Justin Trudeau Approval Rating Today 2023

Average of last two Polls, Sept 21st

  • Approve: 29.5% (43% on Sep 2021)
  • Disapprove: 56% (53% on Sep 2021)
  • Net: -26.5% (-10.0% on Sep 2021)

Morning Consult November 9th

  • Approve: 30% (45% on Sep 20th, 2021)
  • Disapprove: 59% (49% on Sep 20th, 2021)
  • Net: -29%

Abacus Data, November 9th

  • Approve: 29%
  • Disapprove: 53%
  • Net: -24%

Latest Federal Opinion Polls Canada 2025

Justin Trudeau vs Pierre Poilievre: Google Search Share

Last 7 days

Trudeau: 77%, Poilievre: 22%

Last 30 days

Trudeau: 74%, Poilievre: 26%

Justin Trudeau vs Pierre Poilievre: Social Media Sentiment

  • Trudeau: -64.9% (Falling)
  • Poilievre: -54.0% (Steady)

Justin Trudeau vs Pierre Poilievre Polls

Nanos, October 20th

Latest Canada Federal Poll Forecasts

Average (Nov 14)4024.618.6
Nanos Research402220
Mainstreet Research4125.818.2
Abacus Data392618

Seat Projection

  • CPC: 205 seats
  • LPC: 27 seats
  • NDP: 18 seats
  • BQ: 32 seats
  • GPC: 2 Seats

Latest Justin Trudeau News

  • Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has signed a deal with a Left-leaning opposition which gives him more runaway time as majority of Canadians have no confidence in him including stalwarts of his own party.
  • The rising cost of living is termed as ‘Justinflation’ holding Trudeau entirely responsible for the ongoing crisis that Canadians are suffering from, criticizing his poor handling of the Canadian economy.
  • Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has been holding an ‘Axe the Tax’ rally as against the Liberal MP decision to Quadruple the Carbon Tax.
  • In response to the rally and to calm resenting Atlantic and rural MPs, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to double the pollution price rebate rural top-up rate and implement a 3-year pause to the federal carbon price on deliveries of heating oil in all jurisdictions where the federal fuel charge has been in effect.
  • After NDP leader Jagmeet Singh sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau asking for Canada to call for a ceasefire to the war that started after the Hamas, Trudeau met with opposition party representatives on the Israel-Hamas war and the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza. He called for “humanitarian pauses”, with the hope of permitting medical supplies and aid to enter Gaza and allowing Canadians and other foreign nationals to get out of the situation.

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