Kamala Harris Approval Rating: Can Harris beat Trump?

Kamala Harris Approval Rating: 51.6% of Americans disapprove of the Vice President, as her approval sinks with Biden

Kamala Harris Approval Rating: Latest Update

In the latest Fox News poll, Harris’ net approval is down 5 points, as her approval rating sinks from 45% in the October poll compared to 40% today. It would appear that President Joe Biden’s dip in approval since August 2021 has impacted her as nearly 2/3rd of Americans say the country is on the wrong track amid soaring inflation. Harris has been repeatedly attacked in conservative media as Republicans try to damage the favorite for the 2024 presidential nomination, if Biden were to not seek re-election.

Kamala Harris Approval Rating: Can Harris beat Trump?

Kamala Harris Approval Rating: Harris vs Trump

Harris trails Donald Trump in a hypothetical head-to-head for the 2024 Presidential Election by a slightly larger margin than Biden does – a Redfield and Wilton Strategies poll conducted last month suggests the Vice President would lose the race by 9 points, with only 36% of voters saying they would vote for her. Former President Donald Trump would garner 45% of the vote with 7% voting for third parties and another 7% undecided. Biden trails Trump by 5 points in the same poll.

Polling CompanyFieldworkApprovalDisapprovalNet Approval
LegerJan 21-2342%56%-14%
Zogby AnalyticsJan 21-2443%49%-5%
Fox NewsJan 16-1943%54%-11%
YouGovJan 12-1444%56%-12%
Redfield and Wilton StrategiesJan 8-935%43%-8%
AverageFeb 4th41.4%51.6%-10%

Kamala Harris Social Media Sentiment Tracker For Last 7 Days As Of February

Positive SentimentNegative SentimentNet Sentiment

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