Karnataka performed better than Maharashtra inspite of worse enforcement and testing

On 1st April, Maharashtra had 335 Cases, it is 47190 cases now, 141 times higher. Gujarat had 87 cases on 1st April, it is 15512 Case now or 178 times higher. Karnataka which had 110 cases on the other hand has increased just 18 times

Google published Mobility data (Published on May 16th) on how people were moving around during COVID comparing with pre-COVID. Higher the negative value, lesser people have done that. Example, on retail and recreation, it had fallen 83% for Maharashtra but only 70% for Karnataka. More % of people in Karnataka were likely to be engaged activities like visiting a retail outlet than in Maharashtra. Other activities

Retail and Recreation: Maharashtra: -83%, Karnataka: -70%

Grocery and Pharma: Maharashtra: -41%, Karnataka: -16%

Workplaces: Maharashtra: -59%, Karnataka: -33%

In what would come as a shock to many, Maharashtra was one of the lowest when it comes to moving out of their homes. Karnataka was actually higher!

On 5th April, Maharashtra had 747 cases. At that point, Maharashtra was carrying out an average of 2800 Tests a day. On 5th April, Karnataka had 151 cases. At that point, Karnataka was carrying out an average of 380 Tests a day. Karnataka was testing much lower than Maharashtra. Karnataka in fact was able to scale up tests only in May 2020 and has finally caught up with Maharashtra (In terms of per million tests)

So if the leadership of Karnataka was way superior to Maharashtra, people in Karnataka would be less often on the streets and testing on par. Leadership of course plays a critical role in determining community engagement (Like wearing Masks), quality of contact tracing and so on. These factors are difficult to measure. One thing is clear though, Karnataka is not doing well because of better lockdown enforcement or testing.

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