Kashmir: Terrorists Killed this year is 2nd highest in 10 yrs, Soldiers 3rd

Post Uri: Sadly, since Uri was launched, we have lost an average of 30 security forces in the first 4 months of year. In the previous 4 years, in the first 4 months we lost an average of 10 security forces. 

While every single soldier lost is a tragedy. Not just for their families also but we for us in the community as a whole given that these brave men and women have sacrficed their lives for our freedoms and rights. That said, the fact also is that we have lost in the last 10 years, as many people as we lost in 2001 alone.

Pakistani agencies appear to be aggressively pushing harder to inflict more damage on our troops in Kashmir. But here is the interesting thing

The Pakistani army is losing fewer and fewer people every year since hitting a peak in 2013. The correlation between Indian deaths in Kashmir and Pakistani deaths due to terrorists is a negative correlation of 58%. Which means that more the Pakistani deaths, fewer the Indian deaths. Now, this correlation may be a bit of leap but the fact remains that unless Pakistani Army Losses are increased, they will continue to indulge in such activities because it keeps their country behind the Army. 

Pic Courtesy: Indian Army

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