Maharashtra to Extend Lockdown Beyond 30th June ?

The lockdown in Maharashtra may be extended beyond 30th June, Maharashtra CM warned the people of his state. CM Uddhav Thackeray said that if the condition in the state doesn’t improve, and if people do not follow the guidelines properly issued by the Government he may be forced to withdraw the relaxation given and even extend the lockdown beyond 30th of June.

Maharashtra’s dire coronavirus situation isn’t getting better, with as many as 3,000 cases being reported every day. The unlocking phase has led to more movement of people within the state. Easing of the lockdown and the subsequent relaxations have resulted in rise of cases.

CM Thackeray in a press conference said that the easing of the lockdown has been put in place to boost the economy, which has faced a major hit during the lockdown since everything was shut down for over a month. Despite the relaxations that have been made, it is still of utmost importance that people maintain social distancing, not spit or smoke in public places. If they fail to do so, lockdown may be extended to control the abject situation in the state. Maharashtra, the state that accounts for almost one third of the total coronavirus cases in the country has left China behind by reporting a greater number of cases.

The government has also set up a task force for the clinical management of critical patients, which consists of 11 doctors, and their Head, Dr Sanjay Oak believes that the state can flatten the curve by mid-June. Analyzing data from Wuhan, they believe that after the 72nd day of the lockdown, they can expect the curve to flatten. He also believes that people can develop herd immunity. The reopening of working places with a 10% strength might result in surge of cases if proper prevention methods are not implemented by the people.

Thackeray said in the press interview that the government will be “compelled to impose restrictions and extend the lockdown”. “Lockdown will have to continue if this (non-adherence of norms) happens. But I am confident people will listen to the government’s rules and guidelines since it is taking care of their welfare.”  

Maharashtra CM also stated that Mumbai local train services should resume for the essential workers who face difficulties while commuting to work every day. While his agenda is legitimate, resuming local trains in Mumbai might lead to chaos considering that fact that they overflow with passengers and social distancing might not be practiced.

It is yet to be seen as to what happens in the country with the easing of the lockdown. The health department remains hopeful in their ability to handle the current situation. 

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