Meet Manish Sharma who predicted 98 seats for Congress in Rajasthan

Meet our Rajasthan Prediction winner Manish Sharma, an advocate from Bikaner. How did he get it right? And what does he think about 2019?


Why did you participate in the contest, what did you like about the contest?

By participating in this competition organized by your organization, I got a new opportunity to show my talent and apply my analytical skills. In turn, the rewards of this competitions, whether tangible or otherwise, has virtually helped me achieve the desired goals. And I am really enthused to see that my analytical skilled has come to true considerably

 What was your thinking behind the prediction in Rajasthan which finally proved to be the most accurate?

I used to read different news papers of rajasthan which helped me analyse the veracity of ground realities and after having analysed indepth analysis of the prevailing scenario in rajaasthan I put my serious conclusion on the put forth figures of election results

What do you think is likely to happen in Rajasthan for the 2019 Lok Sabha Election?

I think the entire out come depends on the distribution of tickets If the bjp continues with the incumbent MPs , It is going to receive severe jolt as people of rajasthan are not happy with the performance of the sitting MPs so much depends upon the selection of right candidate for BJP ticket and on the contrary if the incumbent MPs are replaced with different persons of high stature Bjp may secure upto 15 seats out of 25 seats

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