Modi Approval Ratings: In Cruise Control

The PM Continues to Enjoy Outstanding Approval ratings

PM Modi is in a comfortable position with most voters happy with his performance and none of his rivals coming close to him on preference for PM. Here are the details –

September 1, 2022Morning Consult reports PM Modi’s approval rating at 75%. 20% disapprove of the PM’s performance.

The Prime Minister’s best performance in the last 2 years was in May 2020 when he was rated at 84%. The PM’s worst performance was in May 2021 when he was rated at 63%

August 2022: IndiaToday Mood of the Nation Poll, Instead of Modi’s approval rating, India Today reports satisfaction with PM Modi. Given the different scales, the scores are not comparable. Approval ratings tend to be biased on the positive side. 66% of respondents rated the PM’s performance as Outstanding or Good.

Causes for Concern

  1. The Economy: PM Modi’s handling of the economy gets average ratings, only 48% of voters are happy with the job done by the Prime Minister
  2. Kejriwal Rising: Kejriwal is catching up with Rahul Gandhi as the second preferred candidate as PM. Kejriwal will be seen as a much bigger threat than Rahul Gandhi

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