Odisha Coronavirus Update: Family of 3 Infects 87 Others

Odisha Coronavirus Update: With over 4.3 crore population, Odisha has been able to perform extremely well when it comes to dealing with Coronavirus pandemic. However, the state or its Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik have rarely been appreciated by the mainstream media. However, sometimes the state finds itself mentioned in mainstream media and this time it is for the super spreader of Coronavirus.

Odisha Coronavirus Update

Odisha on Friday, 3rd of July reported 495 cases only but that is not what was in the news. In Odisha there has been report of a super spreader of Coronavirus. A family of 3, consisting of a married couple and their daughter of Byajpur village in Rayagada district of Odisha have caused a havoc in their village. They are reportedly responsible for infecting 87 other people in their village.

The family had returned from Andhra Pradesh to Rayagada district’s Byajpur village a while ago. The family of three were sent to institutional quarantine after they returned from Andhra Pradesh and were then told to stay under home-quarantine for a while. However, the family did not adhere to the home quarantine guidelines and went out, interacted with fellow villagers. Despite being asymptomatic, any coronavirus patient can spread the virus to others. As a result they were able to infect 87 others in their village.

Odisha Coronavirus Update: Who should be blamed for the incident?

Once someone is released from the institutional quarantine of the state, they are asked to keep themselves isolated or to quarantine themselves in their home for at least 7-14 days. However, the family did not adhere to the instruction.

  1. The first blame goes to the family itself who despite being instructed by the officials to home quarantine themselves did not follow the instruction.
  2. Secondly, the local authority who is responsible to see if the guidelines are followed by the ones returning from the institutional quarantine.

Odisha Coronavirus Update: How did the Authorities Came to Across the Matter?

Upon showing some symptoms, the three family members got themselves tested. All three members were found to be Corona positive. Soon 13 villagers were tested positive during contact tracing. By Thursday that is 2nd of July, 74 more villagers were tested positive taking the toll to 90 including the three family members.

Odisha’s Ryagada district is a tribal dominated district. So far 115 cases have been reported in the district. 22 patients have already recovered in the district. The district has been relatively safer than other districts prior to the super spreaders.

Negligence and lack of awareness is the reason why coronavirus is spreading like wildfire in the country. Proper maintenance of social distancing should always be ensured. Wearing a mask is imperative to contain further spread of the coronavirus in the state, and the country.

The case of super spreader is not the first time in Odisha. In the month of June, a super spreader infected more than 17 people by attending birthday and anniversary parties. This was a very ignorant and negligent step, as throwing a party and going to it are violations of the quarantine guidelines prescribed by the government.

PM Narendra Modi in his recent address to the nation shed light on this negligence of people, which resulted in such a huge spike in the number of coronavirus in the country. People have started to ignore the guidelines which have been issued by the government. The economy has to be restarted and hence the unlocking phase in the country had to be set in motion, but this does not mean that the people think that the situation of coronavirus in the country is bettering. At all times proper precautionary methods should be taken.

Odisha Coronavirus Update: Family of 3 Infects 87 Others

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