Operation Kamal: After Madhya Pradesh, Is Rajasthan Next?

With Rajya Sabha polls due on June 19, Rajasthan Congress moved their MLAs to a resort on the outskirts of Jaipur on June 10th. The shifting happened after there were talks about Congress MLAs being lured with better offers. It is reported that the MLAs will be staying in the resort till June 18th. The Rajasthan Congress suspects that BJP is making moves to “destabilize” their government.

It is not clear as to who is behind the move to lure Congress MLAs, as no name was taken. In Rajasthan, Congress has 107 MLAs and with support of 12 independent MLAs and 5 MLAs from smaller parties the total support for Congress Government in Rajasthan Assembly rises to 124. BJP on the other hand has 72 MLAs and support of 1 Independent and 3 MLAs of Hanuman Beniwal’s RLP.  The strength of Rajasthan Assembly is 200. Congress have shifted the independent MLAs too to the resort along with their party MLAs.

The Rajasthan Congress is very well aware of BJP’s move to destabilize their established government and lure in their MLAs so that they can benefit in the upcoming Rajya Sabha polls due on June 19. After Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh, the Congress is in no mood to take any risk even during the time of pandemic. In Gujarat, the party has been experiencing daily blows with their MLAs resigning just before Rajya Sabha polls.

The Rajasthan Congress might have an upper hand right now but anything could change in the coming week considering BJP ramping up efforts to take over and outrun the Congress Government of the State. Congress in Rajasthan has a majority on their own in State assembly but the Madhya Pradesh incident and the exit of Jyotiraditya Schindia casts doubt upon the integrity of even the most devoted leaders of the party. One must not forget that a few months back all the 6 BSP MLAs in Rajasthan joined Congress which helped them attaining majority on their own in state assembly. One must even not forget the fact that there are differences between CM Ashok Gehlot and Deputy CM Sachin Pilot. Few days back Sachin Pilot was belived to have visited Delhi and returned back to Jaipur within 24 hours.

Chief Whip of Congress in  Rajasthan Assembly, Mahesh Joshi wrote a letter to the chief of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, stating that efforts are being made to lure in Congress MLAs and destabilize the Government. He asked the Bureau to further investigate the matter. Mahesh Joshi said, “Our MLAs and independents supporting us — attempts are being made to lure them with money power. I have come to know through reliable sources that attempts are being made to lure our MLAs & independent MLAs who support us, in order to destabilise the govt.”. However, he did not directly target BJP in his letter.

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