PM’s Speech today: Likely Announcements

Let us look at the structure of the PM’s last 3 speeches on COVID-19

Group Impact: Janata Curfew, Lockdown

Inform: The Impact of COVID-19 and the context globally, No Vaccines/ Cures Yet, The Danger of Virus spreading as seen all over the world and Well Known Countries are struggling, How Corona can spread quickly, 

Advisory+Action : Social Distancing, Don’t Crowd Hospitals, Patience, Stay at Home, Don’t be irresponsible, 

Unity: Clapping at 5 pm, Thank everyone who is Outside taking care of you, Thank you for suppport during lockdown, Country is United, Lights Off/ Diya etc

Support: Task Force, Not to panic regarding Grocery ec, Medical Funding, Continuous Supply of Groceries, You are not alone/ we are all together

Given the above broad structure, what is the PM likely to talk about today?

Firstly, Here is what the Crowd has predicted

Next, here is what we think may be covered

Group Impact: Continuation of Lockdown with some Relaxations

Inform: How COVID is dangerous and how 1000s of died all over the world, Wear Masks/ Wash well, May talk about old people and children today

Advisory+Action : Social Distancing, Patience, Stay at Home

Unity: Thank you for doing a good job and Thank everyone around you and those who are outside

Support: Continuous Supply of Grocery and other required items

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