Rafale in India Today : Will Rahul Gandhi Congratulate Indian Air Force?

Rafale in India Today : First five of 36 Rafale Fighter jets that flew from France on Monday will land in India today after covering 7000kms. The jets will land in Ambala Air base in Haryana. The five Rafale Jets will be the part of Golden Arrows Squadron and will be stationed at Ambala Air Force station.

Owing the event, security has been tightened in and around the Amabala Air base. Section 144 has been imposed in four villages close to Ambala. The five Rafale aircraft took off from Merignac airbase in France on Monday. The aircraft landed in Al Dhafra air base in UAE near Abu Dhabi the same day for re-fueling purpose.

Why Indian Air Force needed Rafale Jets?

Rafale is classified as 4.5 Generation fighter jet. Fighter jets like Mirage 2000, SU-30MKI that India already has is classified as either 3rd or 4th generation jets. Therefore, Rafale in India will be a game changer in terms of Indian Air Force and India’s Nationa Security

During a time when the tensions at the border are increasing between India and China, Rafale jets becomes a great addition to India Air Force in order to defend the nation from our neighbouring enemies. As per some reports, the Rafale jets are expected to be deployed along India- China border in Ladakh.

Rafale in India Today : Will Rahul Gandhi Congratulate the Indian Air Force?

Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party has been very much vocal against the purchase of Rafale. The entire 2019 election campaign of Congress circled around Rafale. “Chowkidar Chor Haii” jibe for PM Modi during 2019 election campaign of Congress was related to corruption as suspected by Rahul Gandhi and Congress. On several occasions Rahul Gandhi even assured that if elected, they will cancel the contract of Rafale with Dassault, France. However, Rafale could not make much difference to the fate of Congress in 2019 Lok Sabha election but as an India will Rahul Gandhi congratulate India Air Force the new addition of mighty twin-jet fighter aircraft, Rafale in their squadron?

Rahul Gandhi has always targeted government even when it comes to national security. In recent times Rahul Gandhi has been targeting Government of India on the issue of India-China face off. He has accused government of lying about Chinese intrusion in Ladakh. He is sure that China has occupied Indian territory and Modi government is lying about it. However, the most interesting fact is that Rahul Gandhi have not attended a single sitting of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence in the current Lok Sabha. But as a opposition leader he has been acting the way an opposition needs to act.

Rafale which lands today is expected to be a game changer in terms of Indian Defence force. India will only be the fourth country, after France, Egypt and Qatar, to fly the Rafale. Amabala and India is ready to welcome Rafale today.

Rafale in India Today : Will Rahul Gandhi Congratulate India Air Force?

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