Rahul Gandhi – A Political Disaster, Article by a BJP Supporter

By Nitesh Singh

The current President of India National Congress, belongs to the family of India’s first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru. His ‘Daadi’ Indira Gandhi and his father Rajiv Gandhi had also served India as Prime Minister. His mother Sonia Gandhi too acted as a de-facto PM for 10 years (2004-2014) when Dr. Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister of India. Politics therefore seems to be in the blood of Congress President and aspiring PM candidate of INC for Lok Sabha 2019, Rahul Gandhi. However, things turn out to be completely different when Rahul’s political career is analysed. In November 2007, Congress in its plenary session in Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium showcased Rahul Gandhi as its face of future. The young MP from Amethi made his debut as a party general secretary and a member of powerful Congress Working Committee. Rahul Gandhi, however failed to impress the crowd of 3000 Congress leaders with his speech but the dynastic hangover of the Congress leader made them accept Rahul Gandhi as their future leader.

Rahul Gandhi has already spent more than 20 years in Indian politics and today he heads the grand old party, Indian National Congress, which was once headed by leaders like Subash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallavbhai Patel and many other powerful faces of Indian politics. Sadly, Rahul Gandhi is yet to mature as a politician. He himself has no vision, no ideas and even lacks the knowledge about Indian culture and societies

-When asked NCC cadets and how he would extend his benefit to NCC cadets having “C” certificate, Rahul Gandhi admitted that he was unaware about it.

  • In his public address to people of Firozabad, Rahul once said, “ You are demanding potato factory in your area, but you should understand I am an opposition leader. I cannot open potato factory.”

  • Similarly in addressing the public rally in Patan, Gujarat, Rahul said “ I will install such a machine that if you feed in potatoes from one side, you’ll get gold from the other side.”

  • He even embarrassed his party when he hugged a woman at hospital, mistaking her for a relative of the victims, in photo-op during his visit to a hospital at Una in Gujarat

  • For Rahul Gandhi, politics is in his pants, in his shirts and considers Gujarat to be bigger than United Kingdom and India to be bigger than Europe and United States put together.

  • Poverty for Rahul Gandhi is just a state of mind which he claimed in his Allahabad address in the year 2013 and wants “Dalits” of India to have ‘Escape Velocity of Jupiter’ for upliftment.

  • Indian economy for Mr. Gandhi is nothing less than a ‘beehive’ and considers India to be Saudi Arabia of 21st Century.

  • During his visit to London, Rahul Gandhi considered anti-Sikhs riots to be a tragedy and a painful experience but denied role of any Congress involvement in the 1984 Sikhs riots. In order to score a self-goal, he went one step ahead and compared RSS with Muslim Brotherhood, the militant organisation of Egypt in his same London address.

  • To hurt Indian sentiment, Rahul Gandhi was seen standing firmly behind Umar Khalid and Kanhaiya Kumar, this was evident when Rahul Gandhi himself went to meet them when entire nation was demanding strictest action against them

  • When Indian army stood as a resistant to Chinese aggression in Doklam, instead of standing with the forces and supporting the Indian Government, Mr Gandhi went a step ahead and met Chinese Ambassador and Pakistan Minister in New Delhi without intimation to Home ministry.

All these blunders might prove that the Congress president is either ignorant or is politically immature but RaGa has more to add to his credit which proves that he has no respect for people of India and their sentiment. He does whatever his advisors guide him and who loves to fire gun putting on his shoulder so that they could gain power once again: this was evident when Rahul Gandhi was tutored to target Modi in a press conference after Assembly Election 2018 win in three states. Rahul Gandhi, himself fails to read the writing on the wall and is probably going against the wind by dreaming of becoming Prime Minister of India without proper blue print to lead the country. Rahul Gandhi has always committed blunders which prove his immaturity and lack of seriousness in politics.

The 48 year old politician is darling of large section of Indian main stream media and he is still a youth leader as per their perception. He has a future, but not in politics. He is a political blunder who needs to be tutored even for a 5 minutes press conference. To prove his effectiveness, he has doubted every Government and public institution, recent being the Supreme Court of India. Thus, Rahul Gandhi, a part-time politician is a political blunder who did not chose politics himself but was forced to chose it just to continue the family legacy of ruling India.

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