Rainbow Coalition of major parties in Tamil Nadu rattles DMK Congress

By ARPITHA R, a member of BJP

Barely few months left for lok sabha polls 2019, major political change in Tamil Nadu has rattled the Dmk and congress.

AIADMK and BJP has managed to stitch a rainbow coalition with PMK and talks are on the final stages with DMDK , PT , IJK and TMC .”A masterstroke by EPS “say many political observers -this alliance – the grand alliance of TN has propelled the Aiadmk from a virtual oblivion to a force to reckon with in TN

Few weeks back almost all opinion polls predicted a DMK cong win but this masterstroke by aiadmk and bjp has rattled many dmk cadres and leaders ad now the gap between the two major partis is just 1 percent

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With the likes of PT- Puthiya Thamizhgam ,a prominent dalit outfit in the south,IJK , TMC to be a part of grand alliance of TN if talks fructify

EPS has clearly emerged a winner of this round

-It is all about caste arthimetic in TN , with AIADMK , BJP , PMK , DMDK , TMC nd PT

Let us see the vote share this alliance is likely to get

-80 % gounders to back this alliance of AIADMK , BJP , PMK , DMDK , PT , IJK , TMC

  • 95% uppercastes are solidly backing AIADMK BJP

  • 75 % Vanniyars to back this alliacnce what with PMK a part of the GRAND ALLAINCE OF TN

  • 45 %chettiyars- are divided between AIADMK plus and DMK

  • 50% thevars to vote for this alliance

  • 60% nadars

  • 45% pallar votes

  • 50 % dalits -very happy with free housing , gas connections

With this vote share expected from the rainbow coalition DMK Congress certanly starring at a defeat-AIADMK PLUS ALL SET TO SWEEP TN.

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Pic Courtesy: Indian Express

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