Richard Irvin Polls: Is Irvin Heading for a Surprise Defeat?

Richard Irvin Polls: The latest poll for the upcoming Illinois GOP Primary Race has Darren Bailey ahead of the Aurora Mayor Richard Irvin.

Average Of Polls (Latest 3): Bailey: 28% Irvin: 23% Undecided: 25%

Google Trends: Despite the polls giving Bailey a lead, the Google trends leads are highly in favor of Richard Irvin.

Trends (Last 7 Days): Irvin: 75% Bailey: 25%

Observation: The latest polls favor a win for Darren Bailey but considering the other indicators, Richard Irvin could pull out a win in a close election.

The state of Illinois is set to vote to elect its new Governor on November 8th. On June 28th, Illinois votes in the primary election. The Democratic Party’s primary is less competitive as the incumbent Governor J. B. Pritzker is facing almost no competition from his challenger in the Primary election but the GOP Primary race is heading for a close finish with the maximum voters remaining undecided.

Richard Irvin Polls: Why Richard Irvin is Trailing?

Richard Irvin, the Aurora Mayor has been ahead in all the polls conducted before June 1st. But in the latest two polls conducted in June, his rival candidate, Darren Bailey is shown to have a lead over him. The polls have been conducted after ABC7 Debate. In the debate, Irvin was attacked from every sides by his GOP rivals.

Here is the full debate that changed the course of the upcoming Illinois GOP Primary election as per the latest polls:

Richard Irvin Polls: Latest Polls

Before June 1st, Richard Irvin had maintained a 6-8% lead over Darren Bailey in almost all the polls. But the two latest polls shows, Irvin, losing the GOP Race, and Bailey heading for a surprise win. However, we are over 2 weeks from the election and before concluding we will have to wait for a few more polls expected to be released before the Primary election.

Date(s)Darren BaileyRichard IrvinJesse SullivanUD
Average of PollsJune 10th28%23%12%25%
Public Policy Polling (D)June 6–732%17%11%27%
Fabrizio Lee & Associates (R)June 1–227%20%13%24%
1892 Polling (R)May 24–2525%31%11%22%

Richard Irvin Polls: Google Trends

Richard IrvinDarren BaileyLead
Last 7 Days75%25%Irvin (50%)
Before June 1st (30 Days)66%34%Irvin (32%)

Richard Irvin Polls: Net Sentiment

Richard IrvinDarren BaileyTrend In Favor
Last 7 Days-32.6%-8.4%Bailey

Richard Irvin Polls: Latest Tweets

Richard Irvin Polls: Latest Video

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Richard Irvin Polls: Is Irvin Heading for a Surprise Defeat?

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