Ron DeSantis Polls: DeSantis Ahead in Governor Election Polls

Ron DeSantis Polls: Ron DeSantis is predicted to be re-elected as Governor of Florida as per the latest polls.

National Level (Republicans): The polls show former President Donald Trump is ahead of DeSantis and he is well placed to be the 2024 Presidential candidate for the Republicans.

General election: If DeSantis is a candidate against Biden in 2024, he may defeat Biden as per the latest poll but against Kamala Harris as Democratic Party’s candidate, DeSantis may not be able to win the Presidential election.

The incumbent Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis is set to face a challenge to his current Governorship on November 8, 2022. DeSantis has been one of the most popular Republican leaders in the last few years and is expected to run for the 2024 Presidential Election if he is able to retain the Governor’s office in the upcoming election.

However, before the state votes to elect its new Governor on November 8th, Flordia will vote for the primary election scheduled on August 23rd, 2022.

The Republican field is not much crowded and De Santis is predicted to easily sail through. The Dems field has two candidates, Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried involved in a neck-to-neck fight. The latest polls for the Democratic Party primary race have Charlie Crist ahead of Nikki Fried but for the Governor election, scheduled for November 8th, DeSantis is ahead of both the Democratic Party’s candidates.

Here are the latest Ron DeSantis Polls with respect to the upcoming Florida Governor election:

Ron DeSantis Polls: DeSantis vs Charlie Crist

DateRon DeSantis (R)Charlie Crist (D)
Phillips AcademyMay 7–9, 202236%35%
Saint Leo UniversityFeb 28 – March 1249%33%

Ron DeSantis Polls: DeSantis vs Nikki Fried

DateRon DeSantis (R)Nikki Fried (D)
Saint Leo UniversityFeb 28 – March 1251%27%
University of North FloridaFeb 7–20, 202255%32%

Among the two Democratic Party’s strong candidates for the upcoming Primary election, none of the two poses any sort of risk to Ron DeSantis for his re-election as Governor of Florida. Charlie Crist however, has better acceptance than Nikki fried when it comes to competing against Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis Polls: Republican Party Polls

YouGovMay 5-926%55%7%3%
McLaughlin and AssociatesApril 22-2615%57%9%
Harris PollsApril 20-2113%58%8%3%

Donald Trump is a hot favourite among the Republicans as per the polls for the Republican Party Primary election for the 2024 Presidential election. Ron DeSantis is currently in the 2nd position.

Ron DeSantis Polls: General Election

DeSantis vs Biden

Rasmussen ReportsApril 28 – May 2nd46%35%
Marquette University Law SchoolMarch 14-24th33%38%

DeSantis vs Harris

Harris PollsApril 19 – 27th38%40%
Ron DeSantis Polls

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