[10.50pm] SA Election 2022 Results: ALP 27, Liberals 14

SA Election 2022 Results: ALP 28, Liberals 13[10.50 pm]

6 PM: On Google Search on Election Day, ALP are performing better than the last election

6 PM: In the last 24 hours Malinauskas has performed way better than Marshall on Social Media Sentiment.

6 PM: The Betting/Odds markets have increased Labor’s chances of forming the Next Government.

2 Polls, Social Media sentiment and Google Search, 19th March

South Australia has voted today. In the last election, that is in 2018, Liberals formed the government in South Australia with 25 of 47 seats. It was after 16 years, the ruling Labor government went into opposition.

Latest Tally:

SA Election 2022: Insights and Observations, 19th March

On Google Search this evening, Labor momentum stalled in the second half of voting with the Greens mobilising well. The Liberals also failed to sustain their momentum in the second half and will lose share compared to the 2018 election.

SA Election 2022: Election Outlook, 19th March

IndicatorWho is leading?
Polling AverageLabor
Google SearchLabor
Leadership Sentiments (Social Media)Malinauskas
Betting MarketsLabor

SA Election 2022 Polls: Latest Polls, 19th March

TPP Vote

Average19th March45%54%
Newspoll17th March46%51%
YouGov13th March44%56%
2018 Election17th Mar 201852%48%

Primary Vote

Average19th March36%41%10%
Newspoll17th March38%41%9%
YouGov13th March33%41%11%
2018 Election17th Mar 201838%33%7%

ANALYSIS: Crucial seats to decide South Australian election

SA Election 2022 Polls: Google Search Data Analysis, 19th March

On Voting Day, the Liberals have mobilised well but ALP are all set of gain atleast 5% votes more than 2018. The Liberals are likely to lose votes to the Greens as well.

2018 Election Day2022 Election YesterdayElection Day (6.00 pm)

Daily Tracker: Latest Opinion Polls Australia 2022

Social Media Sentiment, Marshall vs Malinauskas, 19th March

19th March (Last 24 hours) – 6 pm-35%+14%
18th March (Last 24 hours)-17%-64%
7th March (Last 7 Days)-6%-1%

SA election 2022 odds, Sworn in Government, 19th March

DateLaborLiberalsPredicted WinnerTrend
Sportsbet1.16LaborLabor Gaining (6 pm)
Ladbrokes1.164.25LaborLabor Gaining

SA Election 2022 Platforms

ALP Platform for SA Election 2022

Liberals Platform for SA Election 2022

Greens Platform for SA Election 2022

SA Election Candidates 2022

ALP Website: Candidates List for the SA Election 2022

SALiberals Website: Find your Candidate

SA Greens Website: Candidate List

SA Election 2022 Polls: Latest Videos

Marshall and Malinauskas share final words ahead of South Australian election | 9 News Australia

South Australia Heads To The Polls As Canberra Watches Very Closely

SA Election 2022 Polls: Latest News

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SA Election 2022 Polls: Latest Tweets

SA Election 2022 Polls: ALP Comfortably ahead at the moment

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