Suffering to Continue, Lockdown 5.0 is Coming?

Coronavirus cases have seen a sharp rise this week. With over 6500 cases every day, the number of infections and death due to the virus are reaching an all time high. India landed itself at the tenth position in the list of countries that are worst affected by the coronavirus.

Ever since the lockdown has been eased, the country has witnessed skyrocketing numbers in coronavirus cases. However, gradual easing of the lockdown was necessary, as the economy had taken a huge hit. Air travel has also resumed since then. Despite a few cabin crew members and passengers testing positive, flights are continuing to function as per schedule.

The Delhi-UP border is however sealed as the states witnessed massive growth in the number of coronavirus cases. Inter and intra state travel did set a new wave of cases in motion.

The fourth phase of the lockdown, despite its gradual easing, did come with many restrictions, which are important for stopping any further spread.

A Harvard data science review paper says that an eight-week lockdown period can successfully prevent approximately 2 million cases, and around 60,000 deaths, considering the fatality rate to be 3%.

India however, has one of the lowest testing rate, per million population. The country has started to increase the number of testing and does not limit itself by leaving out asymptomatic people who came in contact with people e tested positive for the virus. But India remains to have the lowest testing rate. the actual figure of coronavirus positive cases is assumed to be much higher than the configurated data.

The fourth phase of the lockdown completely lifted almost all bans that were imposed on the country during the first and second lockdown in Green and orange zones. The government is more focused on keeping the fatality rate low, and the recovery percentage high.

But the rising number of infections in the country is a huge matter of distress. Fully lifting the lockdown and reopening the country after May 31, seems to have less probability keeping the sky-high cases in mind and as the coronavirus cases curve hasn’t flattened yet. It is expected that the Lockdown 5.0 will be more focused on 4 states responsible for around 70% of cases in the country. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Delhi may seen a strict enforcement of lockdown while rest of the country may have lesser restrictions.

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