TikTok addicts are main barrier to removing Chinese apps in India

Sonam Wangchuk whose story inspired Aamir Khan’s role in 3 idiots has called for Indians to boycott Chinese goods and apps because of China’s constant intrusions into Indian Territory

His call had an Immediate Impact with a surge in people searching for how to remove Chinese apps from their mobile phone. The top 3 States along with search Index are as follows

  • Maharashtra (100)
  • Karnataka (54)
  • Gujarat (51)

Unfortunately when it comes to TikTok, the most popular states (as per Google Search) are

  • Odisha (100)
  • Madhya Pradesh (97)
  • Rajasthan (76)

Only Gujarat is high on both (3rd on searching for removing Chinese Apps and 6th on searching for TikTok).

So what seems to be coming through is that when it comes to Apps, the citizens from Rich States can easily abandon Chinese apps but not so for citizens of poor States who depend on TikTok for entertainment. With this being the trend, it is unlikely less affluent citizens even in the richer states will abandon TikTok overnight. Lot of work for an alternative needs to be done before many Indians can abandon Chinese apps like TikTok.

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