The heart of Trump’s problems: Pessimism amongst American Voters

Pessimism may be hurting Donald Trump. Right wing Pollster Rasmussen Reports‘ latest survey (June last week) on the direction of the Country shows just 24% think the country is headed in the right direction, 69% think the country is headed in the wrong direction, a gap of 45%. In late March, this gap was just 14%. This scale of pessimism is not great for the President. While GOP Loyalists will deliver their solid vote, many Independents will vote for change hurting the President’s chances in battleground States.

The Corona Crisis in the United States has shown no sign of ebbing. Daily new cases which kept falling until Middle of June to 20000 new cases per day has started increasing again now to 50000+ cases everyday. As a consequence, some 15 million Americans still remain unemployed though there is a clear trend of improvement since April 2020.

COVID cases have surged hurting President Trump's recovery plans

Polls show Trump struggling but some positive news

As a consequence of this pessimism, 52% of voters do not approve of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Therefore, the last set of State level Polls released in late June show Biden with a commanding lead in all battleground States. But things may be turning for Trump, the latest poll from Florida shows both the candidates tied. On Google Trends too, Trump holds a commanding lead over Biden

The Cognitive Debate: Trump too botches it

Trump and Biden have challenged each other in making the worst bloopers in this presidential election. The latest in this list is the President seemingly suggesting that Operation Desert Storm happened in Vietnam

This US Election could turn out to be a ratings hit just because of the Bloopers alone. It is unclear who is ahead on Bloopers but both VP candidates will be tested much more than before.

Biden’s Bloopers

One more Trump Blooper

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