UAE Mars Mission launched Successfully!

UAE Mars mission was launched this morning from Japan. The UAE Mars mission was built by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, University of Colorado and the University of California, Berkeley.

UAE Mars Mission was designed in collaboration with US

UAE Mars Mission ‘Al Amal’ Details

The probe will focus on atmosphere and weather events in the lower atmosphere and answer questions on why Mars is losing hydrogen and oxygen into space and the reason behind drastic climate changes of Mars.

Omran Sharaf is the Project Manager

Omran Sharaf, UAE Mars Mission Project Manager

“The government was very clear to us about it: they wanted us to come up with a new model of executing such missions and delivering such missions,” Omran Sharaf, the project manager for the Emirates Mars Mission, said during a press conference ahead of the launch. “So they didn’t want something with a big, big budget. They wanted something to be delivered quick, fast, and something that we can share with the rest of the world, about how they can approach missions.”

University of Colorado

The spacecraft, which is about the size of a small car, was constructed at LASP by a joint MBRSC/LASP team led by Project Director Omran Sharaf from MBRSC, Program Manager Pete Withnell from LASP, and Deputy Program Manager and Science Lead, Sarah Al Amiri. The overall team working on the Mission comprises some 200 staff from MBRSC, 150 from LASP and 100 from other partners, as well as an international science team.

University of California

In the five years before launch, University of California, Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) hosted 10 undergraduate students — five women and five men — for a summer research experience in space science in which they analyzed data and simulations of the Martian upper atmosphere. The SSL also provided mentorship in master’s degree-level research via weekly Skype meetings with Emirati engineers as part of the mission’s Science Apprentices Program. The SSL scientists also visited UAE universities and girls’ and boys’ schools, many in rural/desert regions, to encourage interest in science.

UAE Space Program

UAE is having an excellent 12 months when it comes to exploring space.

UAE astronaut Hazzaa Al Mansoori arrived in the International Space Station in September 2020. In his short stay on the ISS, Al Mansoori studied the impact of microgravity in 15 experiments . Students will also conduct the same experiments on earth to compare the results with those done in space.

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