United States to Recognise Tibet as Independent Nation?

US House Representative, Scott Perry introduce a bill in US Congress that authorizes US President Donald Trump to recognise Tibet as an independent Nation. Scott Perry who is a Republican from Pennsylvania introduced similar bill in the US Congress to recognise Chinese ruled Hongkong as an independent country.

Amid the Coronavirus crisis, the US-China relation has hit a new low. US President Donald Trump has openly advocated for taking severe actions against China. Not only US, but most of the world superpowers have come together to act against China. They believe that China hid the Coronavirus crisis in its initial stage from the world and tried to influence WHO just to make sure that its economic activities are not affected. The pressure on China is clearly visible, the Communist Government of China is trying to intimidate every nation that is vocal against it. From increasing its military activities along its international borders with India to cutting economic ties with Australia or threating United Kingdom of harsh consequences, Chinese Xi Xingping is trying everything possible to keep his CCP government relevant.

The bill introduced in the US Congress has been referred to House Committee of Foreign Affairs. Before President Donald Trump can sign on the bill, it needs to pass through House and the Senate. Once the bill passes both the houses of Congress, it will go President Trump for his assent.

Recently China started acting on its plan to impose Chinese Security in Hongkong ending the one nation two system rule. Since then the protest in Hongkong has gain maximum momentum.  US President Donald Trump warned China of retaliation if China tries to impose it law on Hongkong. China’s dream to become superpower has hit a major roadblock due Coronavirus. 100s of foreign companies have in China have already expressed their intention to quit China. Amid all these international pressures, there is a growing discontent against Xi Xingping’s CCP government within China. Therefore, in order to divert the attention and to prove its relevance, the Chinese Communist Government is engaging in confrontation on international level. What will be the future of China or Tibet or Hongkong depends upon the international action against China, however, China is hell bent to prove its might to international community.

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