Kentucky Governor Polls 2023: Who Will Be The Next Governor of Kentucky?

Kentucky Governor Polls 2023: The incumbent Andy Beshear is set to return as Governor of Kentucky as per the latest poll. Daniel Cameron and Andy Beshear won the primary nominations for the GOP and Democratic parties respectively.

  • Latest Poll: Andy Beshear: 49%, Daniel Cameron: 40%
  • Google Search Trends: Andy Beshear: 29%, Daniel Cameron: 71%
  • Social Media Sentiments: Andy Beshear: +10%, Daniel Cameron: -14%

In the last 2 decades, Kentucky has had Governor from both the Republican and the Democratic parties. The tenure of the Governor is for 4 years and in the last 5 Governors Race in Kentucky, the Democratic Party has won 3 times and the Republicans have been successful in winning 2 terms of Governor’s office.

The incumbent Governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear was elected back in 2019. It was one of the closest elections in Kentucky since 1899 as Andy Beshear won the election by just over 5,000 votes or 0.37%. He defeated the Republican incumbent Matt Bevin

In 2023, Kentucky will once again vote to elect its new Governor. The election will be held on November 7, 2023, but before the General election, a primary election will be held. The Primary election of the Kentucky Governor Race took place on May 16, 2023. Daniel Cameron and Andy Beshear won the primary elections from Republican and Democratic party.

Kentucky Governor Race Polls 2023: Primary Election Results

Democratic Party

  • Andy Beshear: 91.3%
  • Geoff Young: 5.1%
  • Peppy Martin: 3.6%

Republican Party

  • Daniel Cameron: 47.7%
  • Ryan Quarles: 21.7%
  • Kelly Craft: 17.2%

Kentucky Governor Polls: General Election

Andy Beshear vs. Daniel Cameron

DateBeshear (D)Cameron (R)
Mason-DixonJanuary 18–23, 202349%40%

The incumbent Democrat Andy Beshear won the primary race by a majority. He is set to face Daniel Cameron for the governor race. Both are separated by 9% as per the polls.

Kentucky Governor Polls: Google Search Trends

  • Andy Beshear: 29%
  • Daniel Cameron: 71%

Kentucky Governor Polls: Social Media Sentiments

  • Andy Beshear: +10%
  • Daniel Cameron: -14%

Kentucky Governor Polls: Latest Tweets

Kentucky Governor Polls: What Happened In The Last Kentucky Governor Race?

The last Kentucky Governor Race was held on November 5th, 2019. The Republican Party was represented by the then incumbent Governor Matt Bevin. The 2019 Kentucky Governor election was the closest gubernatorial election in Kentucky since 1899 by total votes, and the closest ever by percentage. It was also the closest race of the 2019 gubernatorial election cycle.

Democratic nominee, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear, defeated Republican incumbent Matt Bevin by just over 5,000 votes, or 0.37%. Beshear got 49.20% of the vote while Bevin polled 48.83%.

Votes PolledVote Share%
Andy Beshear709,89049.20%
Matt Bevin (incumbent)704,75448.83%
John Hicks28,4331.97%

Kentucky Governor Race Polls 2023: Demography

Kentucky was previously part of Virginia and later on in 1792, it became its union territory and is also considered to be the 15th state of the USA. Currently, Kentucky has become 26th Largest State in terms of Population. The population growth rate is 0.47% which makes Kentucky 34th among the US states. The Largest city in Kentucky by population is Louisville.

Kentucky has approximately 38.6 years of median age and a slight gender majority of women population with 50.8% and 49.2% male population.

According to recent data, the population composition of Kentucky includes:

  • White: 86.25%
  • Black and African American: 8.10%
  • Asian: 1.53%
  • Two or More races: 2.80%
  • Other races: 1.08%
  • Native American: 0.19%

The population of Kentucky has been rising for the past few years. Around 25% of the African American population was prior to the Civil War but now it has declined.

Kentucky Governor Polls 2023

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