When will the war in Ukraine End? Ukraine War Predictions

When will the war in Ukraine End? The Ukraine war is gradually coming to an end even though a formal announcement is unlikely.

Ukraine War: Why did Putin launch the “Special Military Operation” in Ukraine?

The Stated Objectives were to

  • Demilitarisation
  • Denazification
  • Protect the interests and safety of Ethnic Russians/ Russian speakers in Ukraine

The Unstated objectives as articulated by other sources are

  • Pushing back any possibility of NATO expansion in Ukraine
  • Placing a Moscow Friendly regime in Ukraine
  • Returning to the old days of the Soviet Union/CIS with Russia as the De Facto colonial power
  • At a more practical level, the objective is to capture and occupy the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DNR and LNR), Kherson, and the Zaporizhia region. The so-called corridor from Russia to Crimea.

The current state of the Russian occupation is as follows

When will the war in Ukraine End?

It appears now that the Russians do not have the ability to expand further into Ukraine whether by desire or design. The maps (made by the Institute of the Study of War) show that the Russians have made NO progress in 1 month. In fact, they have lost territory in the Kharkiv region

When will the war in Ukraine End? Russia Ukraine War Prediction

The Russians are currently focussing on parts of the Donetsk region that are still in Ukrainian control. Eg: Bakhmut.

Bakhmut assault is in fact led by irregulars and not the Russian Armed Forces. Further, there appears to be no evidence that the Russians are preparing for a large ground assault on other regions of Ukraine.

Russia is signaling the end of the conflict by holding a “referendum” in the Donbas region. By incorporating these regions, Russia is sending a signal that it will now move to a more defensive posture in these regions. This in turn will place huge pressure on western governments to accept the current ground reality and ease the lives of their citizens. Western Governments can do that by reducing the level of Military support for Ukraine.

This means that the decision to end the war will not remain with the Russians anymore. It is likely that Ukraine will make a few more attempts to break through the Russian defenses in the Occupied regions until the middle of November (Before winter). After which, there is likely to be an uneasy truce in Ukraine.

This could change if the Ukrainians achieve significant success before the Winter.

Looking at the data available, it appears that we are reaching the final stages of the war with a few remaining assaults by Ukraine after which the war is likely to be less active. The Russians are unlikely to withdraw from Ukraine under any agreement as it would be a huge loss of face for Mr. Putin. Russian leverage over Europe (through natural resources) may remain for another year or so even as the Europeans find alternate solutions. It is difficult to predict how things will play out a few years from now but it is safe to say that we are reaching the final weeks of the war pending a few Ukrainian attempts to win back territory captured by Russia.

Ukraine War Predictions by Experts

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