Wisconsin Senate Polls: Barnes Loses Momentum as Johnson Picks Momentum

Wisconsin Senate Polls: Ron Johnson: 49%, Mandela Barnes: 47.6%

Google Search Share: Mandela Barnes: 50%, Ron Johnson: 50%

Social Media Sentiment: Ron Johnson: -51.3%, Mandela Barnes: -10.9%

CrowdwisdomLIVE Forecast: Ron Johnson to win by 3-5% vote

The Wisconsin Senate election will be one of the most closely fought elections and Wisconsin may play an important role in deciding the control of the US Senate. Incumbent Republican senator Ron Johnson will up against Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes (Democrat)

The Wisconsin Senate Race is scheduled for November 8, 2022.

Wisconsin Senate 2022 Predictions Table

Who is leading?Who is Gaining?
Google SearchBarnesSteady
Social Media SentimentJohnsonJohnson

Wisconsin Senate Race 2022 Polls: Mandela Barnes Polls

Average of all PollsNovember 3rd
Ron Johnson (R)49%
Mandela Barnes (D)47.6%
Marquette UniversityNovember 1st
Ron Johnson(R)50%
Mandela Barnes(D)48%
Clarity Campaigns LabsOctober 31st
Ron Johnson(R)46%
Mandela Barnes(D)48%
WickOctober 30th
Ron Johnson51%
Mandela Barnes47%

Wisconsin Senate Polls and Prediction: Last 4 Election results

Republican Party CandidateDemocratic Party Candidate
Average of 2022 Polls48.0%46.0%
Average of last 4 Elections48.1%50.2%
2018 Results44.5%55.4%
2016 Results50.2%46.8%
2012 Results45.9%51.4%
2010 Results51.9%47.0%
  • The Big Question is, has Roe vs Wade fundamentally changed the tone of this election?
Barnes (D)Johnson (R)
Marquette Poll BEFORE Roe vs Wade was overturned by SCOTUS46.0%44.0%
Marquette Poll AFTER Roe vs Wade was overturned by SCOTUS51.0%44.0%
Net Change after Roe vs Wade was overturned+5.0%+0.0%

Last 7 days

  • Ron Johnson (R): 50%
  • Mandela Barnes (D): 50%

Wisconsin Senate Polls and Prediction: Social Media sentiments

Last 7 days

  • Johnson (R): -51.3%
  • Barnes (D): -10.9%

Wisconsin Senate Polls and Prediction: Latest video

Wisconsin Senate Polls: How Polls Performed in the Last 3 Elections?

2004 was the last election when a Democrat won Wisconsin Senate Race. In 2004 Russ Feingold defeated the GOP candidate and the current GOP candidate for Wisconsin Governor, Tim Michels by nearly 11%. It was the third consecutive election Senate election victory for Russ Feingold. However, in 2010, Russ Feingold faced a defeat at the hands of Ron Johnson which led to the end of his 18 years long tenure as a Wisconsin Senator.

Ron Johnson received 51.9% of the total votes while Russ Feingold polled 47% of the total votes. The polls in the 2010 election were completely off the mark. of the last 6 polls before the election day, only one poll gave Johnson a lead, that too only a 1% lead. The rest of the polls predicted a win for the incumbent Feingold.

In 2016, Ron Johnson was able to defend his seat successfully. He was once again up against the Democrat Russ Feingold. Once again the polls failed to gauge the mood of the voters. Of the last 10 polls, 7 gave Feingold lead while only 3 polls predicted a win for the incumbent. However, the last poll before the voting day predicted a win for the incumbent senator. The poll gave Ron Johnson 1% lead over Russ Feingold.

Ron Johnson won the election by over 3%. He received 50.2% of the total votes while Feingold got 46.8% of the total votes.

Wisconsin Senate Polls: Demographics

Demography Proportion
White 84.30%

The Total population of Wisconsin is 1,444, but like in many areas of the US in the early 19th century, an explosion in numbers was just over the horizon.

Wisconsin has the largest ancestry groups include: German, Irish, Polish, Norwegian, and English. Wisconsin has more people of Polish ancestry than any other state in terms of percentage. The Norwegian population originally settled in the farming and lumbering areas, while African Americans came to the state in the 1940s.

The median age of the population in Wisconsin is around 39.1 years of age. In terms of the ratio of gender, females lead at 50.3% with males at 49.7% of the population.

Wisconsin Senate Race 2022 Polls

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