Rajasthan Election: Public Prediction

Crowdwisdom360 is a platform where any individual can place his/her predictions on an ongoing election. In other words, the final prediction is the average of all predictions by everyone who participated in our competition. The Rajasthan election competition involved a reward of Rs 1 lakhs in total. The winner would get Rs 50000 and the rest Rs 50000 would be divided amongst 50 others depending on their rank. A total of 856 participated in the contest

Predict how many seats will BJP will win in Rajasthan

The final prediction of Rajasthan Election by the Public is as follows

BJP – 87 (40.4%)

Congress – 96 (41.9%)

Others -16 (17.7%)

Bias Factor – 55% of our participants were supporters of BJP


a. In the past completed predictions (Gujarat and Karnataka), the average error for the ruling party was 12%.

b. In the last two predictions (Gujarat and Karnataka), the Opposition supporters were able to accurately estimate the result of the ruling party, Congress Supporters in Rajasthan predict 68 Seats for the BJP

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