Trafalgar Polls aren’t picking a huge swing to the GOP in October

2022 Midterm Polls: Here are the latest Trafalgar Polls 2022

Here is how Republican candidates have improved over the last few weeks according to Trafalgar Polls 2022. Newest Polls first

  • Dr. Oz: (+2%) in 7 weeks
  • Zeldin: (+5%) in 4 weeks
  • Laxalt: (+3%) in 4 weeks
  • Lombardo: (+3%) in 4 weeks
  • Herschel Walker: +2% in 2 weeks
  • Brian Kemp: (-1%) in 2 weeks
  • Tudor Dixon: +3% in 4 weeks
  • Kari Lake: (-1%) in 4 weeks
  • Blake Masters: (+1%) in 4 weeks
  • Ted Budd: (+1%) in 5 weeks
  • JD Vance: (-3%) in 8 weeks
  • DeWine: +1% in 8 weeks
  • Jensen: (+1%) in 5 weeks

Pennsylvania Senate Midterm Polls

Nov 1st to Nov 3rd
Dr. Mehmet Oz (R)48%
John Fetterman (D)46%
October 8 to 11th
Dr. Mehmet Oz (R)45%
John Fetterman (D)47%
September 13 to 15th
Dr. Mehmet Oz46%
John Fetterman48%

New York Governor Midterm Polls

Lee Zeldin (R)48%
Kathy Hochul (D)48%
September 30 to October 3rd
Lee Zeldin (R)43%
Kathy Hochul (D)45%
August 31st to September 1st
Lee Zeldin43%
Kathy Hochul48%

Nevada Senate Midterm Polls

October 23 to 25th
Adam Laxalt (R)50%
Cortez Masto (D)46%
September 17-20th
Adam Laxalt47%
Cortez Masto43%

Nevada Governor Midterm Polls

October 23 to 25th
Joe Lombardo (R)51%
Steve Sisolak (D)44%
September 17-20th
Joe Lombardo48%
Steve Sisolak (D)45%

Georgia Senate Midterm Polls

October 21 to 23rd
Herschel Walker (R)49%
Raphael Warnock (D)47%
October 8 to 11th
Herschel Walker45%
Raphael Warnock46%

Georgia Governor Midterm Polls

October 21 to 23rd
Brian Kemp (R)52%
Stacey Abrams (D)45%
October 8 to 11th
Brian Kemp53%
Stacey Abrams44%

Michigan Governor Midterm Polls

October 18 to 21st
Tudor Dixon (R)48%
Gretchen Whitmer (D)48%
September 24 to 28th
Tudor Dixon45%
Gretchen Whitmer51%

Arizona Governor Midterm Polls

October 16 to 17th
Kari Lake (R)49%
Katie Hobbs (D)46%
September 14 to 17th
Kari Lake50%
Katie Hobbs46%

Arizona Senate Midterm Polls

October 16 to 17th
Blake Masters (R)46%
Mark Kelly (D)47%
September 14 to 17th
Blake Masters45%
Mark Kelly47%

North Carolina Senate Midterm Polls

October 16 to 19th
Ted Budd (R)48%
Cheri Beasley (D)44%
September 1 to 4th
Ted Budd47%
Cheri Beasley44%

Ohio Senate Midterm Polls

October 10 to 12th
JD Vance (R)47%
Tim Ryan (D)44%
August 16 to 18th
JD Vance50%
Tim Ryan45%

Ohio Governor Midterm Polls

October 10 to 12th
Mike DeWine (R)55%
Nan Whaley (D)37%
August 16 to 18th
Mike DeWine54%
Nan Whaley38%

New Mexico Governor Midterm Polls

October 19 to 21st
Mark Ronchetti (R)47%
Michelle Grisham (D)46%

Minnesota Governor Midterm Polls

October 17 to 19th
Dr. Scott Jensen (R)46%
Tim Walz (D)46%
September 14th
Dr. Scott Jensen45%
Tim Walz48%

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