Alabama Senate Race Polls: Gender Bender, Katie Britt polls better amongst Men than Women

Alabama Senate Race Polls: The latest poll gives Katie Britt an edge over her June 21st challenger Mo Brooks.

Latest Poll Number: Katie Britt: 58% Mo Brooks: 33%

Google Trends: Katie Britt has an upper hand as she has been ahead of Mo Brooks since the very beginning.

Last 7 Days Google Trend Data: Katie Britt: 72% Mo Brooks: 27%

Net Social Media Sentiment: The net social media sentiments of Katie Britt is worse than Mo Brooks.

The Alabama Senate Race is scheduled for November 8th, 2022. On June 21st a runoff election will occur between the top two Republican candidates.

The election has turned out to be interesting after former US President Donald Trump endorsed Katie Britt. Earlier Trump had endorsed Mo Brooks but he withdrew support citing Mo Brooks going woke with respect to the calls for the 2020 election outcome to be overturned.

Alabama Senate Race Observation and Insights

Katie Britt to win the GOP Primary

  • As per the latest poll analysis, around 55% of men voters and 43% of women GOP voters are likely to vote for Katie Britt.
  • According to the polls around 58% of Alabama, residents will be voting for Katie Britt on 21st June. In the GOP primary, 9% of voters are still undecided.

Alabama Senate Race Polls: Latest Polls

Only one Poll has been conducted with respect to the June 21st runoff election. However, if we consider the previous polls and the performance of the candidates in the May 23rd Primary election, Katie Britts has an upper hand going into the upcoming runoff election.

DateKatie BrittMo Brooks
AverageJune 20th52%32%
McLaughlin & AssociatesJune 16th58%33%
Auburn University at MontgomeryJune 15th50%30%
Emerson CollegeJune 13th50%34%

Alabama Senate Race Polls: Google Search Trends

June 21st
Katie Britt72%
Mo Brooks27%

Alabama Senate Race Polls: Net Sentiment

DateJune 21st
Katie Britt-17%
Mo Brooks+5%

Alabama Senate Race Polls: Latest Videos

Alabama Senate Race Polls: Latest Tweets

Alabama Senate Race Polls 2022: Latest News

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  5. Britt wraps up campaigning with visit to the Wiregrass
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  7. 2 new Senate polls give Katie Britt commanding lead over Mo Brooks
  8. Britt holds double-digit lead over Brooks in Alabama: poll

Alabama Polls: Who were the Candidates in the Primary Election?

Republican Field

  • Lynda Blanchard
  • Katie Britt
  • Mo Brooks
  • Jake Schafer
  • Jessica Taylor

The Democrat Field

  • Anthony Daniels
  • Christopher J England
  • Doug Jones
  • Terri Sewell

Alabama Senate Race 2022 Polls: May 23rd Result

Democratic Party

Will Boyd107,37363.7
Brandaun Dean32,79219.5
Lanny Jackson28,33316.8

Republican Party

Katie Britt288,76244.7
Mo Brooks188,12629.2
Michael Durant150,52023.3
Jake Schafer7,3511.1
Karla DuPriest5,7190.9
Lillie Boddie4,8360.7

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Alabama Senate Race Polls

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