Alaska Governor Polls 2022: Will Bill Walker Unseat Mike Dunleavy as Alaska’s New Governor?

Alaska Governor Polls: The poll shows a close fight between incumbent Governor Mike Dunleavy and the Independent candidate Bill Walker.

Alaska is set to elect its new Governor on November 8th. The state has been primarily a Republican strong with only one Democrat Governor since 1998. The incumbent Governor, Mike Dunleavy has been in office since 2018 and he is seeking re-election. In 2018, Mike Dunleavy received over 51% of the total votes.

However, before the November 8th General election, the state will vote for the primary election. Alaska follows a very unique format for Primary elections. During the 2020 election, after the approval of Alaska voters for Ballot Measure 2, all the candidates irrespective of their party will run in a single Primary election categorised as a non-partisan election. The top four candidates will then head for the November 8 election. The Governor will be elected on the basis of ranked choices.

The Primary election will be held on August 16th, 2022.

Alaska Governor Polls: Insights and Observations

  • Polls Suggests a Wire Finish between Mike Dunleavy and Bill Walker.
  • Google Analytics and Net Social Media Sentiments Favors Mike Dunleavy over Bill Walker.
  • Evenly Distributed Community Ethnicity Makes this Election Even More Interesting, Even so When there is a three Way Fight.
  • Alaska Gubernatorial Seat is Currently with Republicans.

Alaska Governor Polls: Candidates Running In the August 16th Primary Election

Image of Dunleavy (R)
Image of Gara (D) 
Silhouette Placeholder Image.pngJim Cottrell (R)
Image of Kurka (R)
Silhouette Placeholder Image.pngCharlie Pierce (R)
Image of Walden (R)
Image of Walker (Independent)

Alaska Governor Polls: Latest Polls

Poll sourceDateRCV
von Imhof
Average of the pollsOctober 13th46%27%7%20%
Alaska Survey ResearchSeptember 27th143%28%7%21%
Impact ResearchSeptember 11th149%26%7%19%

Alaska Governor Polls: Net Sentiments

Mike Dunleavy (R)Les Gara (D)Natasha von Imhof (R)Bill Walker (I)
October 13th-32.1%-10.1%-48.9%
Mike Dunleavy (R)Les Gara (D)Natasha von Imhof (R)Bill Walker (I)
October 13th40%20%20%20%

Alaska Governor Polls: Latest Tweets

Alaska Governor Polls: Latest Videos

Alaska Governor Polls: Demographics

Alaska is a U.S. State located in Western United States. It is the Least Densely Populated States in United States. Diversity Index of Alaska is a pretty Good 61.1%.

Voting Age Breakup of Alaska According to Racial Demographics:

Voting Age Population: 5,33,151

Race and EthnicityPopulation%
White alone68.6%
Black alone3.3%
Hispanics or Latino6%
Native Hawaiians1.2%
Other Races5.8%

What happened in Last Gubernatorial Election?

Mike Dunleavy of Republican Party Defeated Democrat Mark Begich in 2018 Gubernatorial Election. It was Meant to be a three Way Fight, then Incumbent Governor Bill Walker Seeking Re-Election. However, Bill Walker Dropped at last Moment and Endorsed Mark Begich. Despite Bill Walker Support Mike Dunleavy Carried Gubernatorial Election.

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Alaska Governor Polls 2022

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