Alaska House Predictions 2022: Sarah Palin vs Mary Peltola

Alaska House Predictions 2022.

Alaska House Polls 2022 [Ranked Choice]: Mary Peltola(D) 55.6%, Sarah Palin(R) 44.4%

Google Search Volume Share: Mary Peltola(D) 43%, Sarah Palin(R) 36%, Nick Begich 21%

Social Media Net Sentiment: Mary Peltola(D) (-20.5%), Sarah Palin(R) (-13.6%), Nick Begich (-49%)

After a surprising victory for Democrat Mary Peltola in Alaska’s at-Large Congressional District special election in August, the candidates line up once again for the House of Representatives election in November.

The Candidates are Mary Teltola of the Democratic Party, Former Governor Sarah Palin of the Republican Party, Nick Begich of the Republican Party, and Chris Bye of the Libertarian Party.

Alaska House Polls: Observations and Insights

  1. Alaska’s new ranked-choice voting system as well as more moderate voters have given Mary Peltola the opportunity to win the District Congressional election again
  2. Peltola notches up huge leads among Independents, Women, and College graduates to place herself in a comfortable position to win the race
  3. Both Sarah Palin and Nick Begich are rated poorly by voters giving them little flexibility to close the race in the next few weeks.
  4. Unless scandal comes Mary Peltola’s way, it is unlikely Palin or Begich will be able to win this election.

Alaska At-Large Congressional District Polls: Ranked Choice Voting

Average of all PollsOctober 12th
Mary Peltola (D)55.6%
Sarah Palin (R)44.4%
Alaska Survey ResearchSeptember 27th
Mary Peltola (D)56%
Sarah Palin (R)44%
Dittman ResearchSeptember 14th
Mary Peltola (D)58%
Sarah Palin (R)42%
Fabrizio LeeSeptember 11th
Mary Peltola (D)53%
Sarah Palin (R)47%

Alaska House Predictions 2022: Google Search Share

Last 7 Days

  • Mary Peltola: 43%
  • Sarah Palin: 36%
  • Nick Begich: 21%

Alaska House Polls 2022: Social Media Sentiments

Last 7 Days

  • Mary Peltola: -20.5%
  • Sarah Palin: -13.6%
  • Nick Begich: -49%

Voter Registration Statistics in Alaska

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Alaska House Predictions 2022: Sarah Palin vs Mary Peltola


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