Florida Governor Polls 2022: Ron DeSantis Wins the Florida Gubernatorial Race

Election Day Updates


  • Ron DeSantis: 58.3%
  • Charlie Crist: 41.1%

Florida Governor Polls 2022: Ron Desantis is comfortably placed to be re-elected as the Governor of Florida.

Latest Crist vs DeSantis Polls 2022 Numbers? The latest poll numbers are (Average of 3 Polls) Charlie Crist: 41%, Ron DeSantis: 54.6%

Google Search Share: Ron DeSantis: 76% Charlie Crist: 24%.
Social Media Sentiment: Ron DeSantis: -36.6%, Charlie Crist: -29.4%.

CrowdwisdomLIVE Prediction: Ron DeSantis to win by a margin of 10%.

The Florida governor elections will be held on November 8, 2022. The contest will be between Incumbent Governor Ron DeSantis (R) and Former Governor Charlie Crist (D).

Ron DeSantis was elected as Governor of Florida in 2018. The winning margin was less than 0.5%. In 2022 he was nominated unopposed as the GOP candidate while Charlie Crist was up against Nikki Fried. Crist secured nearly 60% of the votes in the Primary election. To know more about the candidates click here

Florida Governor Election 2022 Predictions: Who is Gaining?

  • Polls: Ron DeSantis
  • Google Search Share: Ron DeSantis
  • Social Media Sentiment: Charlie Crist

Trump DeSantis Rivalry

Donald Trump is currently the tallest Republican leader but Ron DeSantis, the current Florida Governor also enjoys good support among the Republicans.

The Trump-DeSantis rivalry existed but it was never in open, but in the last few weeks, the rivalry is out in open. Recently Ron DeSantis endorsed Republican businessman Joe O’Dea for the Colorado Senate race who has vowed to “actively campaign” against Trump. In response, Donald Trump on his Truth Social platform of DeSantis endorsing O’Dea wrote “A Big Mistake”.

Added to it Trump recently campaigned for the GOP candidates in Florida but Ron DeSantis was uninvited. The clash between Trump and DeSantis may become fierce once the mid-term election ends. However, more will depend on DeSantis’s performance in the mid-term. If DeSantis registers a big win he will place himself as a challenger to Trump’s Presidential bid.

Donald Trump endorses Ron Desantis and Marco Rubio

Florida Governor Race: Insights and Observations

  1. Ron DeSantis is comfortably placed to win the 2022 Florida Gubernatorial Election versus Democrat Charlie Crist. However, Social Media sentiment shows DeSantis earning a lot of negative ratings from voters in Florida.
  2. The Economy and inflation are the top two issues for voters and 50% of the voters approve of DeSantis’s performance.
    • Florida’s Unemployment rate was 3.5% at the beginning of DeSantis’s term, this fell to 2.7% in August 2022. During that period, the National Unemployment fell from 4.0% to 3.7%. Therefore, Florida under DeSantis had outperformed the National average by a wide margin.
    • The total Workforce in Florida expanded by a massive 608,752 under DeSantis. Unemployment was reduced by 67,000 during this period. Florida’s GDP rose from $1.057 Trillion to $1.226 Trillion in this period. Per Capita Income rose from $51k to $60k in the 3 years after DeSantis was elected as Governor
  3. DeSantis appears to have managed the pandemic chaos in a manner that did not hurt the economy or seniors as much as it hurt other states. Seniors make up for 21% of Florida’s population, only Maine has more seniors as a share of the population. Still, Florida was ranked 13th in Covid deaths per million population.
  4. In 2018, Democrat Gillum led Santis 45%-44% at this point in time. DeSantis leads 49-44%, a swing of 6% already. Assuming the undecided 7% would break 4-3 in favor of Desantis, we are looking at a 53-47 win for DeSantis.

Florida Governor Polls: Top Issues

As per the latest survey the issue of the economy, immigration, inflation, and abortion rights are the top issues of Florida voters. Here are the top issues of voters of Florida:

  1. Inflation/economy: 54%
  2. Social issues like abortion rights or gun control: 44%
  3. Immigration: 26%
  4. Environment/climate change: 21%
  5. Taxes: 17%
  6. Crime/public safety: 16%
  7. Health care: 13%

During the 2018 Governor election, Health care was the major issue of the voters of Florida. After healthcare, immigration was the 2nd major issue that Florida voters considered before voting, it as followed by Gun control. Abortion was the very last issue of concern.

Considering the survey, Ron DeSantis as a Governor has been able to fix the health care issue while having failed on the issue of Gun Control or crimes. After the Roe vs Wade verdict, Abortion has also become a major voting issue

2022 Florida Gubernatorial Polls: Crist vs DeSantis Polls

Average of PollsNov 7th
DeSantis (R)54.6%
Crist (D)41%
Research Co.Nov 4-6
DeSantis (R)54%
Crist (D)41%
Data For Progress (D)Nov 2-6
DeSantis (R)57%
Crist (D)42%
Amber Integrated (R)Nov 1-2
DeSantis (R)53%
Crist (D)40%

What are the findings of New FL Governor Polls?

  • Despite Trump’s snub, the Republicans in Florida are standing firmly behind Ron Desantis. He has the support of around 96% of the registered Republican voters.
  • Charlie Crist enjoys the support of 94% of the registered Dems Voters.
  • Among the White voters, DeSantis enjoys 65% support while 34% of the white voters favor Charlie Crist.
  • The Black voters are heavily behind Charlie Crist. He enjoys 88% support of the Black voters. DeSantis has just 8% support.
  • Hispanic voters are almost equally divided among DeSantis and Crist. The ratio of Hispanic Voters is 5:4 in favor of DeSantis.
  • Non-college graduates are more likely to support DeSantis but among the College graduates, both DeSantis and Crist enjoy 50-50 support.
  • Rural voters are more likely to support Desantis while Urban Voters back Charlie Crist.

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Google Search Share

Last 7 days

  • Ron DeSantis: 76%
  • Charlie Crist: 24%

Ron DeSantis Polls: Social Media Sentiments

Last 7 Days

  • DeSantis: -36.6%
  • Crist: -29.4%.

2022 Florida Governor Race Odds


  • Ron DeSantis
    • Chances of Win: 96%
    • Winning Odds: 1.04
  • Charlie Crist
    • Chances of Win: 10%
    • Winning Odds: 16.5

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Crist vs DeSantis Polls: Campaign Funding

Ron DeSantis has raised the maximum funds to finance his 2022 re-election bid among all the candidates running for the Office of the Governor of Florida.

Ron DeSantis

As per the data by FollowTheMoney, DeSantis has raised almost $87 million for his 2022 re-election bid. In 2018, Ron DeSantis raised roughly $60 million for his campaign. His campaign raised $3.7 million in 2020 and $5.5 million in 2019. DeSantis had raised $67 Million alone in 2021 and this year in the starting he raided an additional $10M.

DEM Charlie Crist

The Democratic Party’s Primary candidate on the hand has been able to raise $381,761 in fundraising. But the expenditure on his campaign has been way higher than what he has been able to raise. As of now, its total expenditure of Crist has been $795,658. The total cash in hand of Crist remains only $5,111.

Florida Gubernatorial Polls: Polling Average Last 3 elections and Result

It was 1994 when Florida for the last time had a Governor from Democratic Party and since then there has been only a Republican Governor. The last 3 Governor elections in Florida were held in 2010, 2014, and 2018 and in all three elections, a Republican won the election and went on to become the Governor of Florida. Here are a few details regarding the last 3 Governor elections in Florida:

Florida Governor Polls: 2018 Florida Governor Election: 2018 Florida Governor election was held on November 6, 2018. The incumbent Governor Rick Scott was term-limited and could not run for a third term. Ron DeSantis became the Republican nominee while on the Democratic Party’s ballot was Andrew Gillum.

Despite Florida being a Republican bastion, almost all the polls predicted a return of a Democratic Governor in Florida. 9 of the last 10 polls gave Andrew Gillum a lead over DeSantis. The polls showed Gillum leading by around 2-5% against Ron DeSantis. It was the last poll by Trafalgar Group which gave DeSantis a 3-points lead over his Democratic Party rival, Andrew Gillum.

The result of the election was very close. Ron DeSantis got a 49.6% vote share while Andrew Gillum polled a 49.2% vote share. After the result, Ron DeSantis went on to become the Governor of Florida for the first time.

Florida Governor Polls: 2014 Florida Governor Election: The 2014 Florida Governor election was held between the then-incumbent Governor Rick Scott and the former Republican turned Democrat Charlie Crist. Crist was elected governor as a Republican in 2006 but did not run for re-election in 2010.

The polls for the election showed a very tight race with two of the last 5 polls giving Crist an edge over Rick Scott. Only one poll favored a win for the incumbent Governor Rick Scott while the last 2 polls showed both candidates tied for the Governor’s office.

The result of the election was very close with Rick Scott pulling out a 1% win over Crist. Rick Scott polled 48.1% of the total votes while Charlie Christ received 47.1% vote share. After the election result, Rick Scott went on to become the Governor of Florida for the second time.

Florida Governor Polls: 2010 Florida Governor Election: The Florida Governor election has mostly been a close fight between the Republicans and the Democrats. In 2010, the Florida gubernatorial election was held on November 2, 2010. Rick Scott was the GOP nominee after Crist refused to run for the Governor’s office on the Republican ticket for the 2nd time. Alex Sink was the Democratic Party’s nominee.

The polls, as usual, indicated a very close election but the majority of the polls had Rick Scott in the driver’s seat. The election result was in accordance with the polls. Rick Scott won the election narrowly. He polled 48.9% of the total votes while Alex Sink garnered 47.7% vote share.

After the election, Rick Scott went on to become the Governor of Florida for the first time.

Florida Governor Polls: Candidates’ Profile and Past Experience

Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is the 46th Governor of Florida. Before joining politics he worked as an Attorney and served in Florida’s 6th district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018.

He was born in Jacksonville and became a part of the US Navy in 2004. As for his political career, he was first elected to Congress in 2012, defeating his Democratic opponent Heather Beaven. In 2018, he became the Governor of Florida for the first time and is seeking re-election in 2022.

Ron DeSantis has also proposed several points to elevate Teachers’ and Students’ Learning. The proposals are:

1. One-time bonus to retired military veterans and retired first responders who commit to joining the teaching profession for two years as full-time classroom teachers.

2. Establishes an additional pathway to becoming an educator.

3. Establishes opportunities for K-12 teachers to receive scholarship funds for their master’s degree.

Charlie Crist

Charlie Crist was also an Attorney and had served as U.S. representative from Florida’s 13th congressional district since 2017. Charlie Crist started his political career as a Republican. He went on to become the Governor of Florida in 2007 but while in office he ran for the  U.S. Senate seat. In 2011 his term as Governor ended. He did not seek re-election as the poll numbers were not in his favor.

In 2012 he joined Democratic Party and currently, he is the frontrunner to win the upcoming Democratic Party’s Primary election.

Charlie Crist will veto any bill that threatens women’s right to choose.

He also promised to cut taxes on Gas and promised to force property insurance companies to reduce insurance premiums.

Florida Polls: Demographics Analysis

As per the 2020 Census figures

Most of Florida’s Hispanics are Cubans. In fact, Florida as a state due to its close proximity to Cuba has the highest proportion of Cuban Americans in the country. Most of the community is well known for its antipathy to Communism or Socialism due to most of the community being forced to migrate due to the actions of the Communist government of Cuba.

There’s a large chunk of Puerto Ricans in Florida, especially in the Orlando Metro area. They moved to Florida due to its cultural similarities, the poor economic conditions in Puerto Rico, and after Hurricane Maria devastated the island in 2018. The remaining Latino population is very diverse, hailing from various countries in South America including Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, etc.

Florida has been crowned as one of the best places to retire due to its weather and beaches. Thus the state also has a large retiree population. 20% of the population is over 65 years of age.

Florida Governor Election 2022 Polls: Party Registration

Florida has been a reliable swing state since 1992 fiercely contested between the 2 major parties.

In the last 20 years, the Republican party has grown more powerful in Florida and has been able to win over most state-level elected offices. Currently, except for the Agriculture Commissioner, it holds nearly each and every single office in the state including the 2 Senate seats and 16/27 US House Representative Seats.

Florida Governor Election 2022 Polls: As per the latest figures released by the Florida Secretary of State:-

Registered Republicans are 35.77% of total voters
Registered Democrats are 35.93% of total voters

Registered Independents are 26.54% of total voters

Florida Governor Polls: Florida Primary Election Recap

Who were the Candidates in Florida Governor Primary Election 2022?

A. Democratic Primary

Charlie Crist, U.S. representative and the former Republican governor of Florida

Nikki Fried, Florida commissioner of agriculture

Annette Taddeo, state senator and nominee for lieutenant governor in 2014

2022 Florida Governor Race: Democratic Party Primary polls

What did the Polls Predict?

Florida Governor Polls: Who Won the Democratic Party Primary Election?

Florida Governor Election 2022 Polls

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