Kathy Hochul Polls: Hochul Heading For a Landslide Win

June 22nd: Kathy Hochul Polls: The Incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul is heading for an easy win in the upcoming Democratic Party Primary election as per the latest poll.

Average of Polls: Kathy Hochul: 52% Tom Suozzi: 14% Jumaane Williams: 10%

The incumbent Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul is seeking re-election for the office of NY Governor. In 2021, after the then-incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned, she took over as the Governor of New York. If elected, she will be running for the Governor’s office for the full term for the first time.

Hochul before she can have her name on the November 8th ballot will be undergoing the challenge of the Primary election. She is up against three other Democrats who are looking to present a challenge to Kathy’s claim to the Governor’s office. The Primary election will take place on June 28, 2022.

New York has mostly been a Democratic Party stronghold and the last time a Republican became the Governor of New York was back in 2002 when George Pataki won the election against the Democrat Carl McCall. Therefore, the upcoming Dems’ Primary election could be taken as the verdict for the General election. The winner in the Democratic Party Primary election is most likely to win the General election.

Kathy Hochul Polls: Who are the Candidates Running In the Upcoming Primary Election?

The candidates for the upcoming Democratic Party Primary election are:

  • Kathy Hochul, the incumbent governor of New York (2021–present)
  • Paul Nichols, lawyer and legislative staffer
  • Thomas Suozzi, U.S. representative for NY-03 (2017–present)
  • Jumaane Williams, New York City Public Advocate (2019–present)

Kathy Hochul Polls: Latest Polls

Average of PollsJune 22nd
Kathy Hochul52%
Tom Suozzi14%
Jumaane Williams10%
Emerson CollegeJune 9–10
Kathy Hochul57%
Tom Suozzi17%
Jumaane Williams6%
John Zogby StrategiesMay 18–20
Kathy Hochul54%
Tom Suozzi12%
Jumaane Williams17%
Emerson CollegeMay 1–3
Kathy Hochul45%
Tom Suozzi12%
Jumaane Williams7%

The polls for the upcoming Democratic Party Primary election show Kathy Hochul comfortably sitting on a 50% vote share. Her nearest challenger Tom Suozzi may get around 15-20% vote share as per the polls. It is clear, that Kathy Hochul is heading for a massive win in the upcoming New York Governor Primary election.

Kathy Hochul Polls: Last 7 Days Google Trends

Time FrameLast 7 Days
Kathy Hochul50%
Jumaane Williams18%
Tom Suozzi32%

The polls show Kathy Hochul having over 50% support of the Dems. The Google trend data confirms the same as her search volume is around 50% while recently there has been a surge in the search volume of Tom Suozzi.

Hochul Polls: Net Sentiment

DateJune 22nd
Kathy Hochul-15.4%
Tom Suozzi-5.7%

Kathy Hochul Approval Rating 2022

Kathy Hochul has been the favorite to win the upcoming Democratic Party’s Primary election and also the favorite to be re-elected as the Governor of New York once again. As per the latest finding by  Unite NY/John Zogby Strategies poll, Governor Kathy Hochul has a high approval rating of 58% with 38% disapproving.

However, the latest report by New York Times shows that the majority of the New Yorkers are not happy with the work of Kathy Hochul. Her approval figure has been average but she is performing on her Job Rating which is fair or poor. 54% of the New Yorkers described Hochul’s Job Rating to be poor or fair while the 46% considered it to be excellent.

Hochul vs Zeldin Polls

If Hochul wins the Democratic Party’s Primary race, she is most likely to be contesting the General election against the Republican candidate Lee Zeldin who has been ahead in all the polls published with respect to GOP Primary race.

However, the latest Hochul Zeldin Poll gives Hochul poll predicts an easy win for Kathy Hochul. Here is the latest Lee Zeldin vs Hochul Polls:

Hochul Zeldin Poll

Poll sourceDate(s)Kathy Hochul (D)Lee Zeldin (R)
John Zogby StrategiesMay 18–20, 202252%32%

Hochul Polls: Latest Video

Hochul Polls: Latest Tweets

Originally tweeted by Kathy Hochul (@KathyHochul) on June 21, 2022.

No matter how the Supreme Court rules, we will always fight like hell to protect your access to a safe, legal abortion in New York.

Originally tweeted by Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) on June 21, 2022.

A lone border patrol agent begins the processing of hundreds of migrants this morning in Yuma. Resources are limited and BP agents are overwhelmed by the massive amount of illegal crossings throughout the night and into the early morning hours @DailyCaller

New York 2022 Election

The New York 2022 election for electing the Governor of the state is scheduled for November 8th, however, the primary election will take place on June 28th. Kathy Hochul is leading the Democratic Party field while among the GOP candidates Lee Zeldin is predicted to win.


Considering different data points which include polls, Google Trends, and the net sentiments, the New York Governor Primary election for the Democratic Party is heading to an easy win for Kathy Hochul. Kathy is maintaining a huge lead over her rivals as per the polls. She sits on a 50% support base and it is unlikely for her to lose from this point.

Kathy Hochul Polls

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