Nevada Governor Race Polls: Lombardo Leads as Sisolak Loses Momentum

Nevada Governor Race Polls: Nevada is heading to turn Red as the incumbent Democratic Party’s Governor Steve Sisolak is trailing in polls.

Latest Nevada Governor Polls: Joe Lombardo: 48% Steve Sisolak: 45%
Average of Polls (Last 3 Polls): Joe Lombardo: 48% Steve Sisolak: 46.3%

Last 7 days Google Trend Data: Joe Lombardo: 50% Steve Sisolak: 50%

Social Media Sentiments: Joe Lombardo: -37.8% Steve Sisolak:-61.6%

Crowdwisdom360 Prediction: Considering all the political indicators, Joe Lombardo will win by less than 5%.

When is Nevada Governor Race?

The 2022 Nevada gubernatorial election will take place on November 8, 2022, with incumbent governor Steve Sisolak eligible for a second term. Nevada has remained a swing state, in the 2018 gubernatorial election Sisolak won by 4.1 points.

Both Clinton and Biden won the state by identical margins: 2.4 points, despite Biden doing worse with Latino voters. Nevada is the only state in the union that allows voters to choose “none of these candidates” which tends to garner around 2% every election. That will be a factor in a close race – just like 2018 was and 2022 will be.

Nevada Governor Race Predictions

Who is Leading?Trending Towards
PollsJoe LombardoJoe Lombardo
Google SearchSteve SisolakSteve Sisolak
Social Media SentimentSteve SisolakSteve Sisolak

Nevada Governor Race Polls:

Date(s)Sisolak (D)Lombardo (R)
Average of PollsOctober 28th46.3%48%
Echelon InsightsOct 26th45%48%
The Trafalgar GroupOct 24th44%51%
Philips AcademyOct 23rd50%45%

Nevada Governor Race Polls: Google Trends

7 Days
Steve Sisolak50%
Joe Lombardo50%

Nevada Governor Race Polls: Social Media Sentiments

Last 7 Days
Steve Sisolak-61.6%
Joe Lombardo-37.8%

Nevada Governor Race Polls: Latest Videos

Nevada Governor Primary Election Recap

Nevada Governor Race Polls: Candidates in the primaries

Democratic Primary

  • Steve Sissolak, Incumbent Governor
  • Tom Collins, Former Clark county commissioner

Republican Primary (Only those Candidates Who have Secured 5% or more Vote share in Polls)

  • Joey Gilbert, attorney, and former boxer
  • Dean Heller, former U.S. senator (2011–2019)
  • John Lee, mayor of North Las Vegas (2013–present)
  • Joe Lombardo, sheriff of Clark County (2015–present)
  • Guy Nohra, venture capitalist

Nevada Governor Race 2022 Polls: Primary Polls

Poll sourceDateJoey
Polls Of PollJune 11th16%11%9%38%
OH Predictive InsightsJune 7th21%10%10%34%
University of Nevada, RenoMay 27th12%14%9%47%
OH Predictive InsightsMay 12th15%11%9%35%

Nevada Governor Race 2022 Polls: Primary Election Result

Democratic Party

Steve Sisolak (incumbent)131,02889.3%
Tom Collins10,3707.1%

Republican Party

Joe Lombardo77,31938.3%
Joey Gilbert54,67627.1%
Dean Heller28,51014.1%
John Jay Lee16,1608.0%


Joe Lombardo

  • Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States (2017–2021)
  • Mark Hutchison, former Lieutenant Governor of Nevada (2015–2019)

Dean Heller

  • Nevada Police Union

Steve Sisolak

  • Human Rights Campaign
  • Natural Resources Defense Council

Nevada Governor Race Polls: Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the governor’s term in Nevada?

  • The supreme executive power of Nevada is established by the governor who serves for four years as also state legislature. Candidates are supposed to be qualified as electors and also residents for two years. The candidate’s age should be at least 25 years.

How many terms may the Nevada governor serve?

  • Every governor in Nevada serves a four-year term. Governors are limited to two terms even if they are non-consecutive.

Nevada Governor Race Polls: Demography

As per the latest 2020 Census Figures, the voting age demographics of the state are as follows:

White American50%
Black American10.9%
Hispanic American25.3%
Asian American11.3%
Native American3.2%

White voters make up about 50% of the state’s voting-age population but form a larger majority of the eligible voter base as Asian and Hispanic voters tend to be immigrants who cannot vote. However, minority voters are a crucial voting bloc in the state and Republicans managed to make inroads into them in 2020. They will be hoping to continue that trend this year as they try to retake the Governor’s mansion.

Clark County is the most important county in the state and is home to Las Vegas and a majority of the state voters including a large number of Asian and Black voters. Democrats almost always win the county but margins are crucial here. Clinton won it by 11 points, while Biden won it by 9 points but made up lost votes in Washoe County, home to Reno. The county is more suburban and white than Clark and swung to Biden, helping Biden win the state by the same margin as Clinton.

Democratic margins here to win the state as every other county in the state is safely Republican. Those counties are not as populated but will be decisive in a GOP victory as long as they can keep the margin close in Washoe and Clark.

Prognosticators like RCP, Cook Political Report, and Sabato’s Crystal Ball all agree and rate the race as a “toss-up” which means that both parties have a roughly equal chance of winning the election.

Nevada is going to be a battleground state in 2022 with a competitive senate election to go with the governor’s election. Democrat Catherine Cortez-Masto will be running for re-election there and that seat is a must-win in order for Democrats to hold their slim Senate majority.

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