Latest NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Eric Adams wins NYC Mayoral election

The first of NYC Mayoral Polls 2021 were released on Monday (Oct 25th), Adams leads by 35% points

Sliwa picked further momentum over the last few days but unlikely to be enough to win the election

Updated on Nov 2nd


Breaking: Eric Adams Projected To Win New York City Mayoral Race

Originally tweeted by Real Prince Doll 💜 (@RealPrinceDoll) on November 3, 2021.

NYC Mayors Race Results Update.

God Bless

#NYCvotes #Sliwa #ElectionDay #Vote #NYC #CurtisSliwa

Google Search: Until yesterday, Sliwa led Adams, 67-33% on Google. Today, Sliwa led Adams by 60-40%

The city of New York is set to elect a new mayor on the 2nd of November 2021. Former Police Captain Eric Adams is the candidate for the Democrats while Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, a nonprofit organization of unarmed crime prevention is the Republican candidate for the November 2nd NYC Mayoral election. The two candidates debated for the first time on Oct 20th

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Polls, Nov 1st, Poll Hours: Polling places are open 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM

There is just one poll to rely on at the moment, the Pix11 Emerson Poll

  • Adams leads Sliwa 61% to 35%
  • Sliwa leads in Staten Island, Adams everywhere else
  • Top priorities according to voters – Crime, Homelessness and Jobs
  • 57% of the voters felt that the City was headed in the wrong direction

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Google Search Update, Nov 2nd

Last 7 days

Eric Adams: 33% Curtis Sliwa: 67% (Adams gained 3% over the last 24 hours)

Curtis Sliwa picked some momentum after First Debate, it is waning again.

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Betting and Prediction markets Nov 1st

Eric AdamsCurtis SliwaPredicted Winner
Smarkets99%1.5%Eric Adams

NYC mayoral race: Where Adams, Sliwa stand on key issues

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Latest Campaign News, Nov 2nd

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NYC Mayoral Race: Eric Adams Leads Polls as New Yorkers Vote

NYC Mayoral Race: Sliwa Launches Last-Ditch Attacks On Adams, Vows To Remove Beret If He Wins Election

Last day of campaigning in NYC mayoral election for candidates Adams, Sliwa

New York votes: Top contests in Tuesday’s election

Polls open early Tuesday to pick next New York City mayor

Adams, Sliwa make their final pushes in NYC race for mayor

NYC Mayoral Race: Sliwa Launches Last-Ditch Attacks On Adams, Vows To Remove Beret If He Wins Election


Eric Adams, Curtis Sliwa barnstorm NYC on eve of historic mayoral election

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Latest Videos, Nov 2nd

Voters Decide: NYC Mayoral Race

Voters Decide: Sliwa Launches Last-Ditch Attacks On Adams, Vows To Remove Beret If He Wins

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Latest Tweets, (Nov 2)

One of my fondest, most vivid memories of my late mother, Dorothy, was when she’d bring me along with her to cast a ballot on Election Day.

This vote is for her, and for every New Yorker who feels unseen and unheard.

I see you.

I hear you.

I am you. This is our moment.

NOW: @ericadamsfornyc gets emotional after casting his ballot for mayor. Holding a photo of his mom, he says “this is for the little guy.” #abc7NY

Originally tweeted by Derick Waller (@wallerABC7) on November 2, 2021.

Originally tweeted by Eric Adams (@ericadamsfornyc) on November 2, 2021.

Rise and shine, New York City☀️☕️
It’s Election Day, and the polls are officially OPEN!
Visit to confirm your poll site, and start your day off right by helping decide the future of our city! #VOTE

Originally tweeted by Eric Adams (@ericadamsfornyc) on November 2, 2021.

The polls are open. Get to it NYC, let’s shock the world tonight! #SliwaForMayor

Originally tweeted by Curtis Sliwa for NYC Mayor (@CurtisSliwa) on November 2, 2021.

My 24 hour “Get Out The Vote” effort throughout New York City continues.
Remember to get out tomorrow & Vote for me, CURTIS SLIWA

Originally tweeted by Curtis Sliwa for NYC Mayor (@CurtisSliwa) on November 1, 2021.

Originally tweeted by Juan Manuel Benítez (@JuanMaBenitez) on November 1, 2021.

“We’ve never had a union mayor,” @ericadamsfornyc says rallying his union troops the afternoon before Election Day. @NY1

Originally tweeted by Curtis Sliwa for NYC Mayor (@CurtisSliwa) on November 1, 2021.

If I can get hit by a taxi, break my arm and still get up to campaign the next morning, then you can get up and spend 5 minutes going to the polls tomorrow. Vote to save our City #VoteSliwa

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Demographics

As per the 2020 Census, New York City’s population surged by more than 600,000 over the past decade, to a record high of 8.8 million people.
As per the 2018 American Community Survey:-

DemographicProportion of Population
White American42.73%
Black American24.31%
Asian American14.09%
Native American, Hawaiin and Pacific Islander0.5%
Two or more races3.63%

The Hispanic/Latino proportion of the population is around 29.1%

The Jewish community of the city is approximately 13 percent of the population, making the Jewish community in New York City, not just the largest in the USA but also the largest community outside Israel.

Registered Democrats currently outnumber registered Republicans in New York City by more than six to one, and there are twice as many registered independents as Republicans there. Except for Staten Island, every other borough in the city is reliably Democrat-dominated.

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: How the city has voted in previous Elections

New York City is known to be a long-time Democratic Bastion as we have mentioned above, the last time a Republican Presidential Candidate won a Majority in the 5 boroughs of the city was in 1920.
But the city was known for split voting on the state and local level it was not averse to voting for Republican Mayors or State/national representatives who were more leftwing compared to their national counterparts, but even this has changed today

New york in Mayoral Elections

YearWinning CandidateWinner’s VoteshareRunner -upRunner-Up’s Voteshare
2017Bill De Blasio
[Democrat, Working Families]
66.2%Nicole Malliotakis
[Republican, Conservative]
2013Bill De Blasio
[Democrat, Working Families]
73.2%Joe Lhota
[Republican, Conservative]
2009Michael Bloomberg
[Republican, Independence]
50.7%Bill Thompson
[Democrat, Working Families]
2005Michael Bloomberg
[Republican,Liberal, Independence]
58.4%Fernando Ferrer
2001Michael Bloomberg
[Republican, Independence]
50.3%Mark J Green
[Democrat, Working Families]
1997Rudy Giuliani
[Republican, Liberal]
57.7%Ruth Messinger

New York in Presidential Elections

YearDemocratic VoteshareRepublican Voteshare

See the figures between 2001 and 2009 in both the tables, compare the Republican voteshare in that decade to the Republican Voteshare in the next decade(2010-2020)

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Results of the Democratic Primaries

Eric Adams: 30.8%, (Ranked Choice method: 50.4%)

Maya Wiley: 21.3%

Kathryn Garcia: 19.6%, (Ranked Choice method: 49.6%)

Andrew Yang: 12.2%

NYC Mayoral Polls 2021: Results of the Republican Primaries

Curtis Sliwa: 71.1%

Fernando Mateo: 28.9%

Detailed profile of Curtis Sliwa

Latest NYC Mayoral Polls 2021:  Curtis Sliwa slightly ahead on Google Search

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