Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Mike DeWine Wins Ohio Gubernatorial Race

Election Day Updates

Current Vote Share

  • Mike DeWine: 56%
  • Nan Whaley: 44%

Exit Poll Update

  • Men: DeWine 62%, Whaley 37%
  • Women: DeWine 55%, Whaley 44%

DeWine is outperforming JD Vance (R) by 7 points among Men and 9 points among Women

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Nan Whaley is struggling as per the latest poll numbers. The incumbent Mike DeWine is set to win comfortably

Ohio Governor Polls (Average of last 3 Polls): Nan Whaley: 36.6%, Mike DeWine: 58.6%.
Latest Ohio Governor Polls: Nan Whaley: 34%, Mike DeWine: 59%.

Google Search Share: Mike DeWine: 65%, Nan Whaley: 35%
Social Media Sentiment: Mike Dewine: -27.2%, Nan Whaley: +20.9%
CrowdwisdomLIVE Prediction: Considering all three data points, the incumbent Governor Mike DeWine is set to return as Governor of Ohio once again.

The 2022 Ohio Governor Election is scheduled for November 8th, 2022. Incumbent Governor Mike DeWine (R) faces Democrat Nan Whaley

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Prediction

Who is Gaining?

  • Polls: DeWine
  • Google Search Volume: DeWine
  • Social Media Sentiment: Whaley

Ohio Governor Polls: Who Will Win the Ohio Governor Race?

Mike DeWine will comfortably win the 2022 Ohio Gubernatorial election

Ohio Governor Polls: Observations and Insights

  • Big Issues – The economy, jobs, inflation, and taxes are the key issues concerning the Ohio voters.
    • In Ohio, Joe Biden has only a 39% Job approval rating and if the elections are held today, only 39% of the Ohio Voters would vote for him.
    • Abortion: By law in Ohio, a woman is allowed to abort her child within 6 weeks of pregnancy. However, most of the time it has been found that a woman may not know about her pregnancy within 6 months. Recently, an incident in Ohio shook everyone. A 10-year-old rape victim had to leave Ohio for an abortion in Indiana because her pregnancy was over 6 weeks by 3 days. After this incident, Mike DeWine did not want to comment on Abortion Law. Nan Whaley has promised to get away with the law after she gets elected.

Ohio Governor Polls 2022: Latest Polls

Average Of PollsNovember 8th
Mike DeWine (R)58.6%
Nan Whaley (D)36.6%
CiviqsNovember 7th
Mike DeWine(R)53%
Nan Whaley(D)39%
Research CoNovember 6th
Mike DeWine (R)61%
Nan Whaley (D)39%
Targoz Market ResearchNovember 6th
Mike DeWine (R)62%
Nan Whaley (D)32%

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Google Search Trends

Last 7 days

  • Mike DeWine: 65%
  • Nan Whaley: 35%

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Net Social Media Sentiment

Last 7 days

  • DeWine: -27.2%
  • Whaley:+20.9%

Ohio Governor Polls: Demography

Ohio has rapidly turned right as Democrats have lost votes in their working-class strongholds in North West Ohio, especially in Mahoning and Trumbull counties. Both counties swung over 25 points in 2020 from 2012 when Obama won the state thanks to his margins in counties like these.

Similar to other states, Democrats have made improvements in educated places – the most educated county in the state, Delaware County, and the northern suburbs of Columbus have swung to the left rapidly along with Hamilton County, home to Cincinnati which was unusually conservative for an urban county pre-Trump.

Democrats have to rely on improving margins in the North West and along Lake Erie if they want to have any chance of retaking the governor’s office. White votes remain a large majority and it’s the same case in both parties’ primaries. Non-white voters are a pivotal voting bloc for Democrats.

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: DeWine may lose Primary to Jim Renacci

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