Ohio Primary Election Updates: Who is Going To Win GOP Primary Race?

Ohio Primary Election Updates: JD Vance may emerge as a winner as per the polls but for 2nd place, there is a fight between pro-Trump Josh Mandel and anti-Trump Matt Dolan. Matt Dolan has a slight advantage over Mandel as of now.

Ohio is set to vote today in GOP Primary Race. In the last 30 days, the Ohio GOP Primary race has been full of ups and downs. Before Donald Trump entered the scene, Mike Gibbons and Josh Mandel were two leading candidates and JD Vance was third in almost all the polls.

However, after the endorsement of JD Vance by Donald Trump, the Ohio Senate Race for the Republicans changed completely. JD Vance who had very fewer chances of winning the election is now in the driver’s seat. Trump’s endorsement turned out to be magical for JD Vance. After the announcement of JD Vance’s endorsement by Donald Trump, three polls have been conducted and in all the three polls, JD Vance has been ahead of his GOP rivals.

This is what the average of the last 3 polls says about the GOP Ohio Senate Race Primary:

Polling CompanyDate of PollingJosh MandelJ.D. VanceMike GibbonsMatt Dolan
Average of PollsMay 3rd18.9%24.7%13%14%

The latest poll for today’s Ohio Senate Primary race for the Republicans was by the Trafalgar Group. The poll had JD Vance leading but in 2nd place neither was Josh Mandel nor was Mike Gibbons. As per the polls, Matt Dolan could spring a surprise today and finish ahead of Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons. Matt Dolan is the only GOP candidate who did not lobby for Trump’s endorsement.

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Ohio Primary Election Updates: Last 4 Hours Google Search Trends

Last 4 Hours Google Trend41%26%9%24%

JD Vance is ahead in the Google Trend data but there is a close fight for the second place between Josh Mandel and Matt Dolan. Mandle is sightly ahead of Dolan as of now.

Ohio Primary Election Updates: Social Media Sentiment

JD VanceJosh MandelMike GibbonsMatt Dolan
Last 24 Hours-11.5%-9.2%-2.1%%+16.3%

The overall net sentiment of Matt Dolan in the last 24 hours is highly positive. The net sentiments of Vance and Mandel are negative but Vance has an advantage in the poll number of the Google Trend data. Therefore, we can say JD Vance may be the winner with Matt Dolan at 2nd and Mandel at 3rd.

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